New northern lights grow

I’m doing an indoor grow dwc with northern lights. I’m at three weeks of growing. Should I start flowering? I topped three of the plans four days ago.


They’re big enough that you can start whenever. Your plant spacing is a little tight to be doing much topping/training in my opinion, but kind of late for that. Due to that, I probably wouldn’t wait too long before flipping them.


Tigh em out or surper prune

How much should I prune they are only 10inches tall right now.

No pruning!

Are you any time constraints? Generally they need 8 weeks of flowering. The longer you let them veg the bigger and more bud you will gt from them. If there is no rush let them grow!

I let my girls go for 6-8 weeks before flowering them!



I let my NL clone grow to 21" high before I went to flower, and it stopped around 44" high. No SCROG or any LST. This is just what the strain will do normally: A little over double in height. If your grow room is short, you might want to keep this in mind. But also you should know that vegging longer makes a bigger plant which improves yield. Some people grow NL TREES outside and get massive yields.


Is this a male or female?

You need to flag some experts like this:


Just a tad too early for me too tell, but I’m leaning towards girl. Unfortunately Your pic loses focus at the high site zoom. Here are a couple of pics that might help!



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Show beter pic can’t see properly in that one :point_up:

One of the plants in the middle is not growing as well as the others. The leaves are dropping and not flourishing like the others. I want to take it out and let the other ones take up the space. My problem is the roots are attached to all the other roots I tried to take t out but I don’t want to pull to hard. What would happen if I just cut the roots off and left them in there. Would it destroy all my other plans and rot?

I think we need to see a picture @Vega1robert

White or natural light please!

It looks like a male to me but i might be wrong.

Its not male got hairs all over it

All the plants are starting to droop now. Some leaves are turning yellow. Not sure what to do?

How much you been watering?

It’s hydroponic DWC

They look over fed