New member with lighting questions

Sorry to ask a question on your question but how the heck do I ask questions on this forum

You can post your questions in a new topic. You can ask questions about anyone’s grow in their journal. @Katyp welcome to ILGM.

Thank you I need help

No worries @Katyp what are you trying to do?

well I got some feminized white widow seeds and I have 4 of them almost thru veg, I just want to make sure they look okay and how much lighting do they actually need?

@Katyp veg they don’t need a lot of light, but flowering they will need more. Are you looking to upgrade your light?

Since you’re a newer member, you’ll need to do some reading, and liking. You’ll gain more responses, right now your responses will be limited.


Tried to show u my plants but it won’t upload

Wait until it says 100% uploaded. It should work.

Nope just keeps reloading the page this is frustrating

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Hello Katyp, and welcome to the forum!

I moved your posts to a new topic, you should get notifications for this topic. Are you on a mobile device or computer?

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I’m really confused dbrn, I use 2 mars hydro 300w in my 2x5x5 space, 280 true watt x 10 sq. 28 watts per square foot, and I got super dense manicurable bud on every plant I have grown except one air ball in 3 year. I keep it small, 2 oz per plant. How can this be?

Ooops should have tagged you @dbrn32 I hope you can help, thanks

Maybe just a difference in what you like in buds vs what I like in buds. Happy to discuss further, but you should start a new topic or post in your journal.

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