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Damn it!! Told you I was a moron, I did.


Most of us learned what we learned right here on the forum. Spend a couple of months here and you will be talking a different game. It feels good when it all starts to really make sense!


I originally was going to give @blazedbarista44 a clone or two of my WW but instead have decided to pass to her my 3rd plant, from seed, which I began germination exactly 3 weeks ago, or one week younger than my 2 other plants.

I started her out under a 23 watt cfl then went to 2 CFLs for a few days before I finally put her under a 450 watt led. She’s been under the led for about 12 days now. She’s healthy and taking off.

But @blazedbarista44 will be growing her fully under CFLs. Anyone have knowledge or an opinion as to whether she will take to the new light okay or should I start alternating her betwwen the CFL and LED?

This is her baby


I’m betting it will be fine. Everything seems to grow great under CFL’s. Its just hard to cover a big area with them. One plant, I’m thinking no problem as long as they’re the right color, amount, distance, etc.

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I have a few 23 watt and a 32 watt for her to start, all at 65k. Later she can add a couple 55 watt, 27k, 3860 lumen bulbs. I believe she is going to purchase a 2x2x4 tent and LST the he’ll out of the lady.


It should be fine switching to CFL. Just remember that with a 2x2x4 tent that she is illuminating 4 square feet. If you go by the standard 45-50 watts that would be 180-200 watts required. She might need to get some of he bigger CFL (350 watt equiv) which is 76 watts I believe. CFL should do fine if she can get atleast 140 watts because she is only doing one plant. Remember that 5000 - 6500 is for veg and 2700 - 3000 is for flowering. If she is considering growing more than once, it might be more cost efficient to get an LED or a 250 watt HPS/MH bulb. Just food for thought. Jerry

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Okay. We’ll get her set up to succeed. I thought about led but if she does get a 4’ tall tent wouldn’t she run into problems with height?

She’s not on here much because she’s one of the busiest people I know. Once she gets her setup complete and the plant in there I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of her around here.

Yes, she would definitely run out of height rather quickly.


But it could work with LST and CFLs, yes?

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I think LST and CFL’s a four foot tent would be fine.

Another thing to consider if she used LED in a 4 foot tent is that with species choice (Indica tends to be shorter) or Auto flower vs Photo, and LST you can grow some pretty good plants. My Strawberry Kush is in a four foot tent that is narrower than 2x2 and it is doing fine. I am expecting a good yield from it.

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I was hoping that would be the case. I hope she decides on the tent. She’s still working on her closet grow space which will be approx 24"x20" and 32" high. I have a third white widow at 21 days I’ve been growing that I’m giving to her.

Mine are almost 30 days and with the LST they are still only 5" tall, with lots of new growth.


32" tall is going to be a tight fit for any plant, even auto’s.

If there is any way she can squeeze a 2x2x5 tent in, it would make a world of difference.


straight up with cfl’s and it would get ugly fast!


Not anytime soon. Space restrictions.

I see an early flower in her future.

Welcome @blazedbarista44 your in the right place for help all the wonderful peeps will gladly jump in to help if needed
Happy growing and if you have a question just throw it out there and you’ll get the help needed
I know I’m late but wanted to say hi lol

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I saw all the movies, so I know The Great and Powerful Oz gave you a brain! It’s still up to you to use it though!!!


Well, maybe not. I heard that when Scarecrow spouted off his mathematical equation near the end that the final answer was actually wrong. But what do I know? I’m still a moron. :slight_smile:

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