New member saying hi!


One hundred percent positive LOL


Hey! Welcome to the forum! I’m new here too! Hope to see some of your crops!


Welcome to the forum. We’ve got several​ talented growers as well as us new kids. Everyone here to help.
Happy Growing


Welcome bud, fellow vet here! Outstanding place here, lots of good people


My first time doing this hope I have a good time with it


You could do a grow journal and we can peek over your shoulder! @bobbyj

Interested? I can help you get started if you want?


Is it alright to use co2 during flowering


Hi its my firs time growing and i wanted to ginde out if this setup will work


Question,i want to cut these bottom branches off,they have one little flower on them and not growing…
Would that be safe to do or would I harm something cuz the rest of the plant is Rockin and Rollin.
It’s basically my bottom four branches but they’re over a foot long so what I say it would be safe to cut them or not?


Week 3 of flowering Thinking about getting in there and cutting all the stuff that’s not really doing anything is that a bad idea or a good idea that way it can focus on what’s above


@Fishead @bb2219

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Find the appropriate category and then click +New Topic

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Welcome to ILGM!