New member saying hi!


Hi, I’ve been growing for about a year-and-a-half now and loving every moment of it. Currently have a Perpetual grow. I can’t wait to be a part of this awesome community.


Hi welcome I read your longer post earlier, very interesting…!


You already are you became apart of it when you joined, welcome to ilgm you’ll get all the help and info you need here @VetBravo4

Happy growings


Welcome @VetBravo4
Hope to see some pics of your ladies
You came to a great place✌️😉


Welcome back @VetBravo4 !!!


Hello, Glad to have you here :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome to this awesome community,.


As soon as I figure out how to show my pics!



Welcome to our world of growing at ILGM

I’m glad to tell you this that you are a part of this community now, your here aren’t you.
and once you get to know us a little better, you’ll be a life’er here at ILGM.for sure



Hi vet, i checked out your post in grow journals, nice plants man! I’m new here myself, lots of great info!


@VetBravo4 welcome to group . Hope you have a great grow this place has helped me out a lot . Good luck with your grow


thanks everyone, i hope to learn a lot, help others and have fun! Check out my grow!


Welcome vet from another vet. This is one awesome site and Everyone from ILGM and there fallowers are the best. I’m still new but they all have been so helpful. RDG1951


@Kapelady did you figure that out?


Welcome to the best forum on the net if you have any questions don’t has to take to ask everybody on here will be more than happy to help your fellow grower :seedling::evergreen_tree::grin::innocent::expressionless:


Just join don’t know how to do new post but I have rare situation got two IGLM Afghan from one fem. Seed Twins wow what to do never seen or heard before


It doesn’t happen often but if you look in the search I’m sure you can find other people who had this issue I have not been that fortunate but when they start growing you want to separate them it’s a very delicate process


@greenecarpet46…Welcome! Post pictures and keep a weekly journal showing the growth of your twins (congrats) for us to see.


Okay thank you I will separate and send pictures if I can


Welcome to the forum; And, Cool! Are you sure you only dropped in one seed? LOL