New member, new grow, new to autoflower seeds

Man those leaves look ginormous!

ILGM Super Skunk photos. The leaves are so big and green they may draw aerial attention.
If I trim most of those big bushy leaves off I think my plants won’t stick out as much? :sunglasses:

You’ve got drones flying around? Or is the law that intent on finding outdoor grows?

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Military Helicopters just wanting an excuse to fly around. :fearful: :-1:

Waste of resources, sheesh… I had a cop neighbor and we became good buds and I straight out told him to not be surprised if he smell some weed his way from my back patio…he said he didn’t care and they had more pressing stuff to deal with. He did say don’t be giving that stuff to kids! Lol. I don’t anyway.

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Entering flower defoliation was due. I think they look better now.

Their neighbor the Amnesia clone is almost undectectable.


more like one day for me.

Please let me know if you think this thing is shrinking.
Or, I’m just seeing what I want to see:

1st pic

2 weeks later

1 week later today.
I think the pics today show more progress.
Do any of you think this spot will go away if I keep putting RS oil on it?

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What is that?


It is a skin sun spot on the backside of my hand.

The first 2 have less RS oil on them.
The last 2 have a thicker more refined oil on the spot.
The big question is "Does it look like it is lighter and has shrunk somewhat to you?

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To be honest brother, looks darker or a little worse than the before pic​:weary::pray::pray::pray:.


I just realized that I “liked that” when I meant to just agree

Cool, so you agree it is getting smaller and lighter. :+1:

OG kind of bummed me out.

I put the tent on 12/12 for two days, and then went back to 5/1 x 4 light schedule.
I don’t think the WWA was making as much progress towards finishing with less light.
I had a bad LED and got a replacement 2 days ago. My tent is 24" x 36" x 53" with 3 LEDs in it.
I’ve got a 160W at the top set at 100% and a 100W on each side also set at 100%.
So I’m pumping my max 360W of power into light with all 3 LEDs on 20 hours a day.
I think I see the buds hairs turning orange a little quicker now.
How much longer do you guys think these buds will need ?

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Looks like several weeks. At least 3 or 4.


8 weeks flowering for the autos if not mistaken. That is what my GGA’s got. Also look at the trichomes as you get closer. Right now they should be clear, towards the end they will get cloudy and some will have turned amber. The more Amber the more couch lock high you get. The more cloudy the more energetic, head high you’ll get. One of my GGA’s was harvested 8 days later than her sister and had more amber. I can definitely tell the difference in the high for sure.

Looking beautiful my friend!


That will be 29 Sep and 10 weeks will be 13 Oct.
I’m hoping it is in this date range, as I’m getting anxious again! :+1: :sunglasses:


@Flying-High Keep an eyes on those trichomes :nerd_face:!



That’s what my trichomes looked liked when I put in total darkness.

I think I would tend to agree, at least 3-4 weeks. Still a lot of white hairs.
They look awesome! Good job! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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Flash photos of tent with LEDs off.

They look quite different with no lights and flash.