New member, new grow, new to autoflower seeds

Thanks for the tip! I just put those products in my amazon cart.

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13 days and this is when my clones usually root or die:

Guess what? I’m saying she is gonna make it! She moved in with her biggest sister outdoors.

Both of the outdoor WWAs are looking good and starting to get frosty.
Lets see how this little clone experiment turns out! Let’s start the over/under # at 7+ grams of frosty dry bud at harvest, Who’s going with the Over, and who wants to bet on the under because you don’t clone Autos. LOL :+1: :sunglasses:
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So how r u cloning. Just cut and into water. Do u use clonex or great white?? I made a homemade cloner for like 25 to 30 bucks and it works gr8. First set of clones was like 9 to 11 days for roots. This 2nd set was 4 or 5 days and all had roots. Clonex solution in the res and dip the cuts in clonex gel and then great white and they seem to root fast. Make sure if u r going right into soil that u keep the soil moist not soaked also. Gotta keep it wet where the roots are gonna start to form. Good luck. Nice looking buds there.

@Flying-High with only one bud site and Mother Nature not on your side lol my guess is 6 grams dried

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Pictures in this thread above.

The Indoor is also doing well, but there is no substitute for the sun.

Also testing pump timer schedule to find the sweet spot.


I agree that nature can always throw a curve ball and mess things up.
When I brought the other WWA outdoors we had a Hot and Dry spell.
They responded by shooting up over 2 feet in 4 days!
I will try to get some water out to these girls later today.
Only giving each plant 2 liters of water and nutes is over 25 lbs to carry to them.
They pretty much need at least that daily when it is 90+ F .
When I get there I plan to cut the bottom leaves off the clone and see if she is stretching yet.

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Some day I will try this after I get a few indoor grows under my belt. This is very interesting. Those are some very nice young buds.

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@ADK_Guerrila Done. This clone is 55 days from seed.
I’m thinking it has a minimum of 30+ days to go.
The main stem looks strong and the top bud appears to be stretching out to me.

5 days ago

today it is looking much better, IMHO.
It is going to be 90+ for the next 2 weeks.
Here’s how the others looked today:


This plant is in perlite + soil + coco. These leaves look perfect except for some white parts.
There are some white parts to both plants.

This plant is still in MiracleGro soil + perlite. She is growing but has some wrinkly leaves. I’m not sure if it has something to do with the medium, overwatering, or something else.

I still wasn’t able to grab some fabric pots, mosquito bits, or DE- but I will pick some up soon!

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Looking good.
If you can take a flash pictures when the light is off.
Your light is changing the colors substantially. :+1: :sunglasses:

As @Flying-High said on the pics. The one growing in miracle grow is looking that way due to the time release nutrients particularly nitrogen. MG will do this when water feeding and difficult to control the release and amount. Keep an eye on her :love_you_gesture:

Not yet. The white hairs seem to have gone away. Maybe the rain will stretch her out?
The other 2 outdoor WWAs are looking good. The 1st one is getting top heavy and smelly.

The other 1 is not quite as tall or smelly but looks good anyway.

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Very nice! Keep’em growin! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


My soil is still moist according to the meter, so I haven’t been watering it for about 4 days now!

This is my smaller plant, not sure why she’s smaller. She just is! (this one has coco + soil + perlite under the perlite, I forgot to scape it off the top)


They look great! I stick a meter in mine but also lift the pot to see how light it is before I water. Of course the plant will droop when dry but my understanding is that it can droop too if overwatered.
They aren’t screaming water me :laughing:

Happy growing

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Has drying up some also helped with the bugs?
If you can still feel they are moist, no need to water.
With the MG soil holding excess N it is better to stay on the drier side. IMHO
You already did the over-watering once right?
When you do water, measure it out and pour it around the outside of the pot to make the roots stretch for it.
Your pictures are much better, now we can see the real color and it looks great now! :+1: :sunglasses:

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I wouldn’t trust the meters. Stick your finger in the soil, does it have mosture?


Heavy rain kind of beat down the top heavy girl.
So I propped her up with a stick.
The clone is not responding, not sure it ever will now.
I had to take 2 low down immature buds, just to see how it is.

No amber chrystals, but nice and frosty.


The indoor WWA is filling out nice:

I getting anxious, but she’s probably got 3-5 weeks to go. Beginning of Oct.