New member, new grow, new to autoflower seeds

I will keep it a secret lol

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Thanks brother!!


Anyone else willing to admit their hard-headedness and childlike emotions,
can still get the best of themselves at times? Yup, that’s me at times.

So I’m rendering down my last rinse for some RSO.
I’m not really ready to F around with my vac pump after last time.
The last of the alcohol boils off and we got watery and warm RSO in the pan.
I want some, I want some! OK child, I try loading the syringe, no problem so far.
The stuff is really runny, I know it needs to rest for 24 hrs now, but I want some!
It’s so runny it only comes out in drips slowly, so I push a little harder, still drips.
Then without warning, SQUIRT and more than a pill full shoots out! F F F
So I begin making a mess, but it will be OK, I want some!
So I start slowly dripping drops in my other 4 pills I got lined up.
I go down the line, and back with just drips, and I get back to a near filled 1 and SQUIRT!. F!
SOB, Damn it. Why does it keep doing that? (because I’m supposed to let it rest now).
I try to fill those 5 capsules, because I want some, and just can’t get the capsules to close now.
I end up spilling and eating some dripping and unclosed capsules, so I don’t waste it all.
Whatever drippy mess I can get to go back in the reducing pan goes back in, melted capsule and all.
I put a little more alcohol in it to clean up as I stir it around and boil it off again.
Yes, I wanted some but not the way I ended up getting the little I got.
Let it SIT! Yes, I know. This morning the Oil has set up some, I heat it up and let it pool in the edge.
Now, after sitting it becomes the sticky, not runny, the stuff I need to fill my capsules. :+1: :sob:





Do you see how this DP is pruned and trained for 12 main Colas?

Yet, it is a very small plant and could still be discreetly transported to a nice outdoor location!
IMHO This is at the perfect stage to be moved outdoors. My goal this Outdoor season,
Is to have some WWA and JHA’s pruned and trained at this stage exactly,
to be moved outside when temps at night stay above 50 F
It will take some planning to estimate the timing and a whole lot of luck to get it right.
:+1: :sunglasses:


One could bring a plant trained like this to an open swampy location,
where you will never have to bring it water as someone here pointed out to me.
Drop the plant at this location and return 8-10 weeks later to see what Nature has done?


But could that plant actually be an Auto?
1 that would finish flowering mid-summer before natural lighting allows a photo plant too?
Now that seems to be becoming difficult and unlikely.
I checked, my photo DP seedling sprouted 8 Nov so this is 9+ weeks in veg training.
Monday will be 10 full weeks since breaking ground as a seedling.
Can a well-prepared and skillful grower drop Auto seeds 9-10 weeks before outdoor conditions allow?
Would they be able to complete pruning and training autos for 9+ weeks? Maybe!
My mainlined JHA was complete in training and beginning to flower at 5 weeks.
I think one could continue to prune and train an Auto for up to 10 weeks before transplanting outside.
I guess I’ll find out next year. A set and forget until Harvest time grow with Autos would be outstanding!


Looking great and also awesome training

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With your clear indications of distrusting W Medicine, I was shocked by your response.

Your quote “Selfish thinking is a large reason the hospitals are nearly overrun, and 800K dead.”

Documentation supporting this hypothesis? You heard it on CNN doesn’t count. LOL
Just another MSM propaganda (Lie) the public repeats without further consideration at all.
Like “This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated” BS!

Selfish thinking is a large reason that Capitalism is the only system that works.
This idea that my “selfish” self-interest is bad, and only GOVT controllers will make things “Equitable”
Is pure Marxist Communism. Can’t you see that?

No matter what form of Govt is adopted. People will never abandon their self-interest.
For they understand the moment they do they will be destroyed by uncountable dangers in this World.

In the unwinnable argument, like religion, in which I don’t care to win or not.

In fact I do, at least pharmacologically, where profit is the primary if not the only motivation. Obviously I’ve seen the results you have gotten from the RSO treatments, I am impressed, yet not surprised and have stated so. I truly believe there are way more medical applications and uses this plant, than the medical institution will allow. For example I am personal friends with my Cardiologist, and he knows I despise medications: so his approach is a non-pharma for me. He is a guy I can say see my blood pressure before an edible 167/90, and here after 127/72. He acknowledges that something about it is working and yet his hands are tied, he cant prescribe this to his patients or he’d be viewed as a quack.

In all honesty I’m just repeating facts, like em or leave em. Look at your states dept of public health…the numbers in the two states near me are nearly identical. 90% of current hospitalizations are unvaccinated folks and 100% of deaths are unvaccinated. And this info is also confirmed from another friend of mine who is an infectious disease doctor: who also advised me that I should get in line for the next booster once the viral RNA sequence gets updated: as all med journal stats are showing a huge spike - not plateau in Feb. I admit I do watch CNN form time to time, but that is not my only source of news, 99% of news is opinion these days, so you have to be your own protagonist and seek other opinions/facts that you agree with and disagree with to make your own decision.

Humans by nature are Selfish its simply part of our Survival mechanism.
Big govt = bad - no arguments. Communism doesn’t work - we’ve all seen that play out globally. Autocrats get get everything, peons’ get the scraps or nothing at all. The selfish I referred to is different. If you had a highly infectious disease that was likely to kill you: Would you opt to die alone, telling your loved ones bye and that you love them or go home give it to your entire family unbeknownst to them and kill them too?

I in no way was leading this down a political path, or debating a persons level of self interest. I am only trying to be a better human than I was yesterday, hoping others feel similarly and being a perpetual cynic I know I am lying to myself.


An Incredibly Beautiful example of the diversity of ILGM’s strains.
Yet you find that absolute self interest in their survival genes. IMHO
They will try to dominate the uptake of vital nutes if forced to compete.

I have been unwell healthwise and headed downhill fast ingesting the poison prescribed.
I guess we all have sacrifices to make in life for our family to survive.
My children are all grown and I don’t intend to make my wife Insurance rich.
At least not yet, so I have no more sacrifices I can accept if there is still a will to live.
Like a plant, I will cling to the scarce and vital human nutrient of LIBERTY.
Happy to let others partake in any excess of this vital element that I stir up!
I’ve been known to be a catalyst and seem to stimulate thought on 2nd and 3rd order effects.
I hope I am proven to be absolutely incorrect in not trusting this unholy Alliance between big pharma and Govts Worldwide. :+1: :sob:


Back to Growing…they look great friend.
Always a good point to be able to agree to disagree and we are only the distance apart on some things as thin as a rolling paper: I see the analogies/parallels your drawing there… Without debate there can be no critical thinking.


Finding extreme differences in my RSO potency
After resting for a few days, this RSO has thickened up.
The syringe is proving useless in my hands.
I scraped up as much of this goo as a could and used the cap to scrape off the excess.
Still lucky to have gotten a capsule 50-70% filled,
so certainly less than 2 g in the 2 pills I took today.
It was another trip into that mind/body separation zone,
Where both sensations are intensified and separated in a weird sense.
Meaning I got pretty dang high on the medicine today.
Head drooping can’t sit up straight in the sleep induced dream state.
Seem to have misplaced a 2 hour time block of intense mind/body realignment.
:+1: :sunglasses:


Beautiful @Flying-High.

I’ve replanted. I have to learn to train them like yours. Here they are the day after transplant. Is it too early to start train?


Looking great so far. Reason for multiple plants in a single pot?
To get these that are growing now to fit in a small tent like mine?

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Reason for multiple plants in a single pot? space

Trained in exposing the leaves underneath?

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It takes very little alcohol, a Q-Tip, and a tiny amount of RSO
That can’t be scraped up but can be sopped up and painted on Juicy J’s.

Yesterday with little or no RSO I smoked 1 and 1/2 of these Js.
Today I woke up had a couple of puffs (enough to do the job)
Then dosed up on RSO. I didn’t need any smoke once the RSO kicked in.
Just was able to take a few more puffs off that 1/2 J about an hour ago.
Back for a 3rd and final time on that roach, before picking another coated joint.
:+1: :sunglasses:


Great looking girl. Idk if I missed some where but what kind of paper are those? Are they flavored