New member, new grow, new to autoflower seeds


Thanks for sharing your unfortunate mishap with us. It will help me for sure in the future. My girls are on FFOF soil and I didn’t started feeding anything to them until week 6. I did this based on comments I had read on the various grow journals here. What I should’ve done was measured any run off to see if they were indeed hungry.

But to be clear, when you overfeed how many gallons of flush do you give it?

Blessings and happy growing to you all!

There is no single answer to this question. I had 3 plants in 3 gallon pots and all were headed for lockout.
The WWA was in “A Pot for Pot” Coco and super-soil mix without any organic compost in there.
Because this type of media doesn’t hold onto the nutes like compost does, I think it got a little over 3 gal of PH adjusted flush with no nutes ppm 200. Now the 2 Super Silver Haze both had a bottom layer of organic compost, a layer of compost w/manure, another layer of compost and then a small layer of “P4P” Coco and super-soil mix. These had much worse PH over 8 and all 3 of my plants had run-off ppm’s over 3000 so my meter wouldn’t read them and just showed ERR. Yes I had errored in overfeeding them nutes and they were close to being locked out, where the PH and ppm numbers are so far away from where they should be that the plant can’t use any of they food or water you supply. I had to get the SSH numbers down drastically. I took them to the shower and filled 3 gal buckets of cold tap water and poured the whole bucket into the pot until the water got to the top edge of the pot, totally flooding the pot. I did that at least 5x to each of them, over 15 gal of flush, until the run-off even began to lighten up a little bit. It was quite rough treatment for them and they did not look like they could take much more. So I used the showerhead to clean off the edge of the pots and the leaves. This flooding had exposed their root structures. I tilted them to help them drain as much as possible and put them back in the tent under the light. After one of my light cycles 5/1, I checked on them and they were looking much better. I then kind of scraped up the Coco layer from the top and used it to cover back up their exposed root system. They were all doing better after about 36 hours but I was still not satisfied where the numbers of the run-off were. I ended up prepping more Coco and perlite to mix with their soil when I un-potted them, mixed their soil with the Coco and re-potted them. The WWA’s roots had used up all the P4P media and was sort of rootbound. I squeezed and massaged the rootball recovering the soil to mix with the Coco. The pot had only been filled about 1/2 way so now I filled the bottom of the pot with the Coco mix, put the plant with its loosened up roots on top and covered that with the Coco leaving the pot filled 1" below the top. Now it had 1/2 the pot of its roots to expand into. The SSH’s compost layers had compacted and solidified into concrete blocks or so it seemed. When I un=potted them I found their roots had hit the compost layers and spread out to the edges, not penetrating the compost layers at all. So those had thier compost broken up and mixed with the Coco mix to make a much fluffier mix. Refilled their 3/4 of their bags with this fluffier mix, put the plants with their shallow roots on top and covered with the Coco mix again to 1" from the top. Now they have 3/4s of the pot for their roots to expand into. So it was a lot of drama to recover from stupid overfeeding. But at least I think I caught it in time and none of them suffered long term damage.

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Day 41 from seed on my WWA. Views from the right side of my tent.

1st pic shows the main tops bent over to open areas for other lower buds to fill in. The top colas have already turned 90 degrees back towards the light, while many other smaller ones are filling in any gaps.
Pic 2 mid side view shows 1 of the stretchers getting laid down and letting others move up to the light.
Pic 3 back corner view, shows some of the main colas that got bent over to let others catch up, how they turned back up and continue their development while lower branches get positioned in gaps and stretch to get level with all the others. I tend to do a lot of pruning and shaping of my plants, and if you think that stunts growth especially in Autos, just take a look at this one and show me where it is stunted. The more I chop and bend stuff the more other branches move up to fill in the gaps. I expect this top level to completely fill in before the harvest. That is the reason I bought 2 more cheaper unadjustable LEDs to mount horizontally on the left and right sides of the tent underneath this top canopy. Lights, Mykos, and timers should arrive later today. :+1: :sunglasses:

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This is my 1st experience with Autos, so I don’t know any more than I’ve read about them.
So many say be careful not to stunt Autos and you can’t clone them. I’ve heard these things a lot.
I’m rather hard-headed at times and don’t necessarily believe everything I hear people say.
Unless it comes from an expert like Hellraiser who can show you picture evidence to back up what he says.
Many people don’t have personal experience with things and just parrot what they heard others say.
Sometimes I just have to see for myself, before I can accept some things I hear, so.
I had 2 low branches that I regretted not chopping at my begin flowering defoliation.
One of those two branches is stretching to fill in a gap, but the other didn’t really have anywhere to go.
So, I took a new razor and cut him off at a nice angle and put him in water asap.
Since this one would likely not produce anything worthwhile, why not test out the Auto cloning statement?

Lets see if she roots, and if she does how she grows from there.
Worst case I guess is that an Auto clone doesn’t stop flowering and this clone will grow another foot or so and make one main cola on top without trying to bush out. But that would be one more big bud than I would have got if I just cut it and didn’t try to clone it. Who knows exactly what will happen? I don’t, but I will have some results to site from my own personal experience after this. Let’s see if she roots 1st, I’ve got her domed in the tent now. :sunglasses:


As far as stunting Autos goes, I think I did everything I could have done wrong and no stunts here.
I pruned more than most, FIM’ed, LST/HST, overfed with nutes, flushed, re-potted while in flower, squeezed/massaged roots tearing some off the root-bound mass while transferring pots in flower. Removed 50+% of lower branches and sun leaves at the beginning of flower defoliation.
Pushed, pulled, and bent her any way I wanted her to go, and just look at her! :+1:

Maybe this one has strong genes? I don’t know but don’t think this Auto could be stunted any more easily than a photo plant that I have experienced. I’m pretty sure some of the photos I’ve grown in the past would not have handled all the abuse I’ve put this one through without being stunted or even dying! I’ve got 17 more WWA seeds and will know a lot more about them by the time my seeds are gone! :sunglasses:


Wow, sounds like a beat down. But so happy they recovered. Thanks for the information!!

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Coming on strong now.

A few of the bigger tops starting to fill out now.
The extra CO2 from the fermentation is basically gone now.
I maybe get 2-3 days of elevated CO2 levels at the start of the ferment.
But I do think it did give her a little boost.
The bucket pump system that is watering this one is now set for 30 min on 30 off.
Without pulling the pot out of the bucket, knowing the water level is challenging.
I’m going to have to rig up a dip stick to check levels.
I think this big girl is using 1/2 gallon or more of water and nutes per day now!


Seeing as I’m having a good 1st experience with Autos, and Robert seems to know I’m a sucker for his sales!

Having 2 well-known and sought-after Auto Strains should work well interspersed with photos that veg during the autos fully life-cycle. Like I am doing now, so I can flip the photos to 12/12 immediately upon harvesting the auto. Then about 4 weeks to go for the photos to finish, I can drop a Jack Herer Auto and Durban Poison photo and sculpt and train the photo until the Auto finishes again. And all in my 1 tiny tent. I can use my small LED and don’t need another tent for 2 seedlings! :+1: :sunglasses:

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Dipstick made. This will work.
1/2 a gallon? No, got to be 1+ gallons a day now.
This type of consistent sipping of water is much better than feast and famine watering.
The water is fully oxygenated too!
The plant gets the water whenever it wants or needs it and is able to grow at its full potential.
Glad I thought of and made a dipstick before my pump went out from running dry! :+1:

Both LEDs were Dead On Arrival! I should have known. Waiting for UPS to come to pick up the return now. :sob:

That is what I am trying to do as well bud. I’ve two tangies in the tent with my autos. The autos are in day 34 of flowering. 3 more weeks to go…I hope anyway, dying to taste them lol. I’m letting the tangies do some more growing before I flip.

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Oh you can clone them but they have the same genetic timer as the mother so they are already in flower and won’t really grow.

Also your about a week out from defoilation.

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If it does root it will get moved outdoors to finish.

Yeah, 7-10 days I guess. I’m already eyeing what should go now.
I’d usually just trim things slowly on a daily basis.
In your experience, it is better to wait and go all out in 1 final shot?

How about a day out? This is about 3/4 of what got chopped:

Here’s what she looked like earlier today:

She’s looking a little sad right now.
The Party girl was going to town until I took the punchbowl away.
When she wakes up tomorrow morning all perky again, she’ll thank me. :+1: :sunglasses:
Now I can see where all her branches need to go to let all her bud sites do their thing!

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@Nicky @Bamamojo @ADK_Guerrila @MidwestGuy @Caligurl @AfgVet @Sigourney @FullyMedicated

I told you she would wake up all perky again!

She still needs some trimming low down and near the back. Now I can see what is down under the top buds.

7 days for the clone and she is still in rough shape, but tough luck she’s moving outside.
It will go share a 3-gallon pot with 1 of the 2 other WWAs that got moved when I realized only 1 would fit in my tent. I’ll put some more Mykos under the peat pod in the bigger pot and bury it up an inch or more.

If it dies oh well. If I get 1 more big bud from it even better.
If it works, I’m thinking one could make a few clones at the start of flower defoliation.
Put them in 1-gallon pots and give them to friends to grow on their windowsill.
It would be cool if these clones could make a 7+ gram bud in the next 35 days!
These little branches from down low will just go with the chopped sun leaves otherwise.


Looking good

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So she came out and got a little quick sun and finished her haircut.
I also needed to see what is going on in the pump bucket.

Water PH 5.7 ppms 2200 OK! Within an acceptable range, maybe back off the nutes a little.
Roots growing out the sides and bottom of its bag. I’d say my pump bucket is working well!
I must have 4+ Ozs of wet trimmed leaves. More alcohol tincture I guess.

She will get repositioned under her net to open her up for final bud production.
Check out the size of her stem and 6 main branches off it within 4-5 inches.
So I just need to pour her water and nutes in the bucket about 2x per day and let her finish now.
She grows fast with less leaves and her automatic watering system! :+1: :sunglasses:

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Do you have or know of a coupon code for Rain Science bags? Thanks!

Blessings and happy growing

Do you have a thread detailing how to make the alcohol tincture? Thanks my friend!

Search bar is your friend.
Quick summary.
Decarb leaves in oven at 240 F for approximately 1 hour.
Put cooled shake in Mason Jar, add Everclear, cap, and shake it up.
Let sit until powder settles. Take alcohol off the top.
With trim leaves it will be dark green and can stain things like your fingers green!
Careful until you figure out how strong it is. Dropperfuls is a good measure.
Try 3-5 droppers full and see what you think.

Using nice sticky buds that happened to get mold or rot will make strong stuff. :+1: :sunglasses:

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