New member, new grow, new to autoflower seeds

Man brewing my own beer with just a bit of thc would be fking Awsome but I don’t smoke or drink enough to make that hobby worth it lol.

I dry it and make bubble hash with all my larf


Some tops just starting to flower.

So the smell of the ferment is building. With the plants in the tent, the filter takes away all their smell.
But now when I enter my room there is a distinct smell of fermentation.
I don’t have a CO2 meter, and some were trying to tell me that a wine ferment doesn’t make enough CO2 to make a difference. I can tell you the bubbler on my ferment is making like 3 big bubbles per second now! It will gradually slow down, it is at max bubbling now. Without a meter to measure I can’t prove how much CO2 is wafting around in my closet now. But my eyes say that is a lot of bubbles coming out, and my nose says the ferment is well established now. Let’s see what my plant says in a few days. The defoliation and pinching she got yesterday had to be pretty stressful. These pics don’t show any really sad parts of the plant right now. I expect the bud development in the next couple of days to really take off as the plant adjusts and starts to pile on the white hairs. Time will tell. I got some deep dark green alcohol that has a unique taste to it. Makes me want to make some kind of mint-flavored milkshake made with vanilla ice cream, some fresh mint leaves and a shot or two of my green alcohol! I did try like 5 droppers full of the green alcohol with some water added. I could tell there was a little thc kick from it, but a mint green milkshake with a couple of green shots in it sounds like a nice relaxing drink that might help me sleep better.


I had an issue with overfeeding and nute buildup. I did a big flush and levels came down, but the flush also seemed to compact the soil media. The SSH planta had 3 layers of organic compost, the middle layer with manure and then a “Pot 4 Pot” Coco and supersoil mix on top of the compost layers. I noticed when taking the pots out for their window sunbathing, that the 2 SSH pots felt like blocks of concrete. These were also the ones with the most nutrient buildup. I just got a brick of Coco and some Perlite this week.

so I decided to re-pot all my plants. The WWA had P4P Coco and supersoil mix but my 3 gal pot was only a little over 1/2 full. I rehydrated and rinsed some Coco and took the WWA out of her fabric pot. The roots had basically grown throughout all them soil media. I squeezed and massaged the bound up roots catching all the soil that came off. Yes I did end up pulling off some roots with the media but nothing major. I tried to loosen up the compacted media and roots. I mixed the soil that came off with wet Coco and Perlite and rinsed the fabric pot real good and filled it about 1/2 way up and put the WWA plant on top and covered the top with the rst of the new Coco soil bringing the media level up just under the rim of the fabric pot.
Then I moved to my SSH pots that felt like concrete blocks. I found the root growth throughout the Coco layer but not penetrating into the organic compost layers at all. I prepared some more Coco and thouroughly mixed that and some Perlite with the compacted compost layers. Making it much lighter and fluffier. Rinsed the fabric pots well and refilled them about 3/4s of the way with the much fluffier Coco and compost mix and put the rootbound plants on top and filled to near the top with the new Coco and compost mix.

I am always thinking about the environment I am providing my plants and how I can make it better! Hopefully now their roots will be able to penetrate and fill the whole 3 gal pots. The WWA is making progress in flowering now.

Got some things coming to help improve my plants environment.

Smaller cheap LEDs to point horizontally from the sides of my tent to point at the lower levels of my flowering WWA while also making sure the SSH plants get enough light and aren’t blocked from the top light by the flowering WWA. I will continue training the SSH’s like this until the WWA is harvested.

Next major upgrade to my plants environment will be something like this:

moving to hydro in a Coco mix for even faster growth, bigger yields and a shorter turn around time. :sunglasses:
Anyone else stress over their babies and their environment like I do?


This is my first grow. I have 2 plants that look completely different. They both came from a pack of White Widow AF seeds. My question is, does the dark green plant with the dark flowers look normal? I want to be sure I didn’t do something wrong in the process.


Yes, Dark green leaves mean they are getting enough Nitrogen. Mine has that too. My WWA leaves are much darker than my SSH leaves. What kind of soil media and nutes are you using?
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Just keep an eye out for tip burn on your leaves, a sign of excess Nitrogen. You got PH and TDS meters and are regulating your feeding levels and monitoring run-off levels regularly, right? Oh, just a little hint, look at how your WWAs are trimmed compared to mine. You may get 1 good top cola and maybe a few other smaller ones lower down. I got 10 main branches coming off the stem where I should get buds similar to your top cola, and a bunch of other smaller branches that should make buds similar to your few lower buds. Just a hint to help you improve your yields next time. It looks like you are doing well and will get a few nice frosty buds. Next time you will have more experience and can work on upping your yields!


Early on people stress alot, as you learn there is less stressing but things always happen.

Try not to transplant autos, they don’t handle it well and this may cause a stunt in growth so if it does happen be warned and if it doesn’t just try to avoid it in the future as you can count yourself lucky.

The xtreme Mykos are okay but I would strongly recommend fishshit by fish head farms, it’s probably the single best product I’ve added to my grows.

Those lights… Are good for seedlings but not much else. Save your money don’t buy any lights off amazon.
Alibabas website and kingbrites is what you want, if that’s to complicated for you then spider farmer is a more expensive lower quality option but still outshine dollar per light output of majority of what you’ll find unless you build your own.

The bubble buckets can be used to great success, I’ve never used them and fewer and fewer people do, you can really make your own hydro setup alot cheaper and alot better if you look at DIY RDWC. Using air stones and large totes you’ll have a much more stable environment. 5 glon buckets are a bit small, those kits are expensive and people struggle with them.
@peachfuzz and @Myfriendis410 have threads kicking around so use the search option for diy options.


I have a much better adjustable output LED at the top of my 2’x3’x4’ tiny tent.
These are just for auxiliary lighting mounted horizontally on the ends of the 3’ sides.
Hellraiser told about using extra horizontally mounted lights for the lower levels of your flowering plants to increase yields.
I already have a small, cheap, nonadjustable LED you can see in some of my pictures.
And yes that one works for seedlings when put 6" or so from them, but that is about all it can do.
I plan to put these identical LEDs on the sides and use the one I have for seedlings again.
If these turn out to be junk, I can always make Amazon take them back! :sunglasses:

I heard this is some of the foulest smelling stuff ever but works wonders!
I’m already concerned with smells from my tent and bought 2 carbon filter set-ups to ensure I keep smells down to a minimum.


Yeah smells like my pit bull’s farts, but does not linger, only really smell it when mixing or holding the open bottle near your face.


A couple of flash pictures with them in the darkness of their 1 hour nap time.

I understand the risks of transplanting, but the rewards were deemed worth the risk this time.
No more tip burns anywhere on these girls anymore. They all had it bad before. :sunglasses:


The WWA was already rootbound, but now has about 1/2 the 3 gal pot to expand into.
The SSH photos had both hit the organic compost level and turned out to the edges.
Their roots couldn’t seem to penetrate that concrete like compost level.
With Coco and Perlite mixed well into the compost it is much more fluffy.
If the roots can now penetrate and grow in it, then it now has a full 3/4s of the pot for the roots to expand into. I figured it was my last chance to perform the kind of transplant on the WWA and that 50% more space for the roots to expand into will significantly improve my yield on this girl.
I would be quite upset with myself if I damaged or killed my WWA, but she already appears to be happy with the room to expand now. When I took her out to catch some morning sun today, you could almost see her growing and expanding her new budding sites. My trellis nets got delayed but are expected to be here Tuesday. Once she goes in her net, she won’t be doing anymore sunbathing. :+1: :sunglasses:

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Yeah it smells a bit off, my girlfriend thinks is super gross but I don’t think it’s THAT bad.

It sure works I tell you.

My roots grow right through my pots, it’s amazing stuff.


Yes it works well, crazy roots during my test of it.


Ohhhh mesh pots!
How you liking those @Hellraiser

Back on track through did you use it against tribus or voodoo? If so think it’s the best of the bunch? I considered doing a solo cup experiment with them being compared.

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I really like the mesh pots and they clean up as good as new after a grow, highly re-usable. I’ve been using both the Rain Science and Radicle mesh pots for a few grows now, love both, not going back to fabric.

I tried it against voodoo juice, which I’ve been using for years and thought the Fishsh!t did just as good as the VJ if not a little better, which was impressive. Trying Tribus now, which also seems to work very well.


Where is your tribus vs fishshit thread? I want to watch that one lol, I’ve been meaning to do the same experiment but gotta live by the wifeys 5 plant rule due to local laws and the fact we are both registered health care professionals so she’s super paranoid if we go over the recreational legal plant limit.

Which do you like better of the bags or think is a better value.

I started the Cherry clones run with Voodoo Juice vs Fishshit, half getting AN nutes and VJ and half getting Jacks and Fishshit. Both groups did very well in veg and not much difference noted.

Then I ran out of Fishshit and moved to Tribus as many Jacks users love the Tribus so I wanted to try it. So not a valid test as I switched products halfway thru and hard to judge just the microbial products with the different nutes being used.

Next clone run is getting started (Blue Dream), just waiting on roots and they will all be getting Jacks and I’ll put Tribus against Fishshit and see how they do. It’ll be a much more valid test as the nutes and everything else will be the same.

I like both bags almost equally, they cost about the same and they’re both very well built and tough. The Radicle does have a velcro fly making it a bit easier to remove, that the Rain Science does not have. I also like the more open mesh of the Radicle bags (pictured above with the roots coming thru), the Rain Science has a tighter weave of the mesh, not so see-thru. Both perform equally well though, I’d buy whichever is cheaper at the time of purchase.


@Hellraiser thnx for the solid reply. Tag me in that run when you set your clones up please. I’ll bust out the popcorn.
I figured it would end up being tribus vs fishshit anyways voodoo is great but I think the other two are a bit better from what I have read.


My Super Silver Haze photo girls out of the tent catching some sun this am. :sunglasses:

I’ve got 6-9 weeks to wait for my WWA to finish so I have plenty of time to force these 2 to grow around the edge of their fabric pots before they go to the flowering stage. :+1: :sunglasses:


In darkness flash pics above net:

The flash seems to show bud sites, circled in orange, much better than with the light on and no flash.
It is easy to compare to some other plants that received little or no pruning.
Proper pruning and directing the plant’s energy to a bunch more budding sites will result in a significant increase in smokeable bud weight over just letting the plant do its own thing does. :+1: :sunglasses:

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