New member, new grow, new to autoflower seeds

Oh you can clone them but they have the same genetic timer as the mother so they are already in flower and won’t really grow.

Also your about a week out from defoilation.

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If it does root it will get moved outdoors to finish.

Yeah, 7-10 days I guess. I’m already eyeing what should go now.
I’d usually just trim things slowly on a daily basis.
In your experience, it is better to wait and go all out in 1 final shot?

How about a day out? This is about 3/4 of what got chopped:

Here’s what she looked like earlier today:

She’s looking a little sad right now.
The Party girl was going to town until I took the punchbowl away.
When she wakes up tomorrow morning all perky again, she’ll thank me. :+1: :sunglasses:
Now I can see where all her branches need to go to let all her bud sites do their thing!

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@Nicky @Bamamojo @ADK_Guerrila @MidwestGuy @Caligurl @AfgVet @Sigourney @FullyMedicated

I told you she would wake up all perky again!

She still needs some trimming low down and near the back. Now I can see what is down under the top buds.

7 days for the clone and she is still in rough shape, but tough luck she’s moving outside.
It will go share a 3-gallon pot with 1 of the 2 other WWAs that got moved when I realized only 1 would fit in my tent. I’ll put some more Mykos under the peat pod in the bigger pot and bury it up an inch or more.

If it dies oh well. If I get 1 more big bud from it even better.
If it works, I’m thinking one could make a few clones at the start of flower defoliation.
Put them in 1-gallon pots and give them to friends to grow on their windowsill.
It would be cool if these clones could make a 7+ gram bud in the next 35 days!
These little branches from down low will just go with the chopped sun leaves otherwise.


Looking good

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So she came out and got a little quick sun and finished her haircut.
I also needed to see what is going on in the pump bucket.

Water PH 5.7 ppms 2200 OK! Within an acceptable range, maybe back off the nutes a little.
Roots growing out the sides and bottom of its bag. I’d say my pump bucket is working well!
I must have 4+ Ozs of wet trimmed leaves. More alcohol tincture I guess.

She will get repositioned under her net to open her up for final bud production.
Check out the size of her stem and 6 main branches off it within 4-5 inches.
So I just need to pour her water and nutes in the bucket about 2x per day and let her finish now.
She grows fast with less leaves and her automatic watering system! :+1: :sunglasses:

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Do you have or know of a coupon code for Rain Science bags? Thanks!

Blessings and happy growing

Do you have a thread detailing how to make the alcohol tincture? Thanks my friend!

Search bar is your friend.
Quick summary.
Decarb leaves in oven at 240 F for approximately 1 hour.
Put cooled shake in Mason Jar, add Everclear, cap, and shake it up.
Let sit until powder settles. Take alcohol off the top.
With trim leaves it will be dark green and can stain things like your fingers green!
Careful until you figure out how strong it is. Dropperfuls is a good measure.
Try 3-5 droppers full and see what you think.

Using nice sticky buds that happened to get mold or rot will make strong stuff. :+1: :sunglasses:

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growcast saves 10%

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@ADK_Guerrila @Bamamojo
It took 75+ minutes at 240 F to finally dry and decarb my defoliation leaves.
I got 60 grams dry weight. Put in Mason jar:
tincture 002
tincture 003
Put in 28 ozs of 92+% or 185 proof ethanol. Shake it up!
So rough math: Each Oz of alcohol contains the THC of 2 g of dry leaf.
If you and your buddies do shots once in a while, do this.
Mix 4 parts of the green alcohol with 5 parts of distilled water.
This will result in mid 80’s proof alcohol, like most any vodka, gin, or whiskey shot.
For my 28 ozs of alcohol, I would mix with 35 ozs of distilled water to get close to 80 proof.
This would also dilute the THC level of my stuff down to 1 g dry weight of leaves THC per oz of alcohol.
I’d have a shot of 80 proof THC infused green juice with my drinking buddies.
I don’t think I’d want to do 5 or 6 of them though! LOL :+1: :sunglasses:

If you use 2 ozs of sticky but icky moldy bud of 20+% THC content.
That alcohol is going to have lots of THC in it, maybe 10x stronger than my leaf stuff.
A dropper of that in your morning coffee would be real wake and bake with no smoking.
Droppers of the green juice can go into most any of your cooking recipes. :+1: :sunglasses:


Thanks brother!! Will have to give this a try :grinning:

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I need to take a pic of my tangies… they are looking beautiful and top view looks like your 8 - 10 as does the side view! Will share a bit later.

So you really have a mixure of soil and coco. What do you call this? You aren’t soilless but you aren’t hydroponic either? Will this bucket be like hydroponics?

Later down the line I would like to try hydroponic growing but for now I want to stick with soil or some combination thereof.

How are you autowatering brother? Do you have a prior thread I can go read?

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But here we have the pics and the results:

So I just put the pump in the bucket with a T valve on top with both valves wide open.
Then just set my fabric pot on top of the T valve.
The pump pushes some water into the bottom of my fabric pot, and squirts the rest into the wall.
Splashing around and oxygenating the water. I have the pump on a 30 min on 30 min off timer.
So after a watering from the bottom of the pot cycle ends, we get a draining and drying (breathing) cycle. IMHO even better than (Hydro) having some roots always in water.
Roots are penetrating the bag in a bunch of places.
Looks to be working even better than I hoped it would! :+1: :sunglasses:

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A Pot for Pot 5 Gallon proprietary super soil media, split 3 ways into 3 gallon pots for my WWA’s.
I first bought A Pot for Pot’s 1/2 gallon kit. Comes with a $40 off coupon for ILGM seeds.

You basically get this for free with the coupon discount for seeds!
Then I bought the 5 Gallon kit and got another $40 off coupon:

Try their 1/2 gallon kit for free, or a 5 Gallon kit for $60 after the seed discount!
Now I kind of know what is in their super-soil media and will try to copy the recipe buying the ingredients in bulk and making it as needed.

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Looking awesome!!

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:+1: :sunglasses:


Hi guys! My name is Mirae and my pronouns are they/them and she/her.
This is my first time growing marijuana.
My soil is organic and I mixed in some washed coco fibers a few days ago. I also put some perlite on top.
With my gnat problem, I put sticky pads and use neem oil at night.
I had a few browning tips and flushed out my plants with distilled water.
I’ve also been pruning off big fan leaves that cover the bottom growth.
I’m going to start up with nutrition again with some Cal-Mag.

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The brown tips all appear to be gone now.
They are looking pretty good to me.

Gnat problems?
Use the search bar and put in gnat to get results like this:
search bar