New member, new grow, new to autoflower seeds

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@ADK_Guerrila @Bamamojo
It took 75+ minutes at 240 F to finally dry and decarb my defoliation leaves.
I got 60 grams dry weight. Put in Mason jar:
tincture 002
tincture 003
Put in 28 ozs of 92+% or 185 proof ethanol. Shake it up!
So rough math: Each Oz of alcohol contains the THC of 2 g of dry leaf.
If you and your buddies do shots once in a while, do this.
Mix 4 parts of the green alcohol with 5 parts of distilled water.
This will result in mid 80’s proof alcohol, like most any vodka, gin, or whiskey shot.
For my 28 ozs of alcohol, I would mix with 35 ozs of distilled water to get close to 80 proof.
This would also dilute the THC level of my stuff down to 1 g dry weight of leaves THC per oz of alcohol.
I’d have a shot of 80 proof THC infused green juice with my drinking buddies.
I don’t think I’d want to do 5 or 6 of them though! LOL :+1: :sunglasses:

If you use 2 ozs of sticky but icky moldy bud of 20+% THC content.
That alcohol is going to have lots of THC in it, maybe 10x stronger than my leaf stuff.
A dropper of that in your morning coffee would be real wake and bake with no smoking.
Droppers of the green juice can go into most any of your cooking recipes. :+1: :sunglasses:


Thanks brother!! Will have to give this a try :grinning:

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I need to take a pic of my tangies… they are looking beautiful and top view looks like your 8 - 10 as does the side view! Will share a bit later.

So you really have a mixure of soil and coco. What do you call this? You aren’t soilless but you aren’t hydroponic either? Will this bucket be like hydroponics?

Later down the line I would like to try hydroponic growing but for now I want to stick with soil or some combination thereof.

How are you autowatering brother? Do you have a prior thread I can go read?

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But here we have the pics and the results:

So I just put the pump in the bucket with a T valve on top with both valves wide open.
Then just set my fabric pot on top of the T valve.
The pump pushes some water into the bottom of my fabric pot, and squirts the rest into the wall.
Splashing around and oxygenating the water. I have the pump on a 30 min on 30 min off timer.
So after a watering from the bottom of the pot cycle ends, we get a draining and drying (breathing) cycle. IMHO even better than (Hydro) having some roots always in water.
Roots are penetrating the bag in a bunch of places.
Looks to be working even better than I hoped it would! :+1: :sunglasses:

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A Pot for Pot 5 Gallon proprietary super soil media, split 3 ways into 3 gallon pots for my WWA’s.
I first bought A Pot for Pot’s 1/2 gallon kit. Comes with a $40 off coupon for ILGM seeds.

You basically get this for free with the coupon discount for seeds!
Then I bought the 5 Gallon kit and got another $40 off coupon:

Try their 1/2 gallon kit for free, or a 5 Gallon kit for $60 after the seed discount!
Now I kind of know what is in their super-soil media and will try to copy the recipe buying the ingredients in bulk and making it as needed.

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Looking awesome!!

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:+1: :sunglasses:


Hi guys! My name is Mirae and my pronouns are they/them and she/her.
This is my first time growing marijuana.
My soil is organic and I mixed in some washed coco fibers a few days ago. I also put some perlite on top.
With my gnat problem, I put sticky pads and use neem oil at night.
I had a few browning tips and flushed out my plants with distilled water.
I’ve also been pruning off big fan leaves that cover the bottom growth.
I’m going to start up with nutrition again with some Cal-Mag.

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The brown tips all appear to be gone now.
They are looking pretty good to me.

Gnat problems?
Use the search bar and put in gnat to get results like this:
search bar

Yep! The brown tips are all gone from flushing out the nutrients. :slight_smile: like I said earlier, I’m going to try using a bit of Cal-Mag in my distilled water.

My gnat problem was from overwatering, but I put the perlite on the top layer so they have a harder time trying to lay eggs. I only water my plants once a day now.

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My pump bucket system is working great for my 1 WWA.
But I got 2 Super Silver Haze photos training and ready to flip once the WWA finishes.
An automatic watering system really makes our plants grow better.
And they just lowered the price on this so I ordered one:

Since this WWA can use all the light I can give her I also ordered this:

With these higher power, better quality, and dimmable lights on the sides we should be good this time.

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And about 4 weeks until they finish I plan on dropping one of these Autos:

And one of these:

Or instead of the Durban I’ll do a Gold Leaf? We’ll see, but JHA is up for sure after the Hazes!

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DE is perfect for that. The perlite should be mixed to help with drainage. How much coco did you mix with the organic soil and what brand of soil? Mixing 2 different mediums like coco and soil will be a choir to maintain the proper PH. Coco 5.5-5.9, soil 6.3ish to 6.9. Would suggest some fabric pots, solid pots retain water, unless you have several drain holes in the bottom and lower sides??

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I will keep the fabric pots in mind! They do have small drainage holes at the bottom, probably not enough though.
My soil is MiracleGro and the coco is Mother Earth. I did as you said and put perlite within my mix as well. I eyeballed about 3:3:1 soil, coco, and perlite.
I just measured my CalMag mixture and it’s at pH 6.3.

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Many say never use MG, but there is one guy here who uses it all the time with good results.

If you mixed your soil like that it should be pretty fluffy now.
Roots need water but they also need oxygen so a fluffier soil mix helps.
PH is good and since you recently flushed them you don’t need to water to run-off to measure again.
Your plants look good! Give them a little less water than you think they need and let them dry out the soil mix a little more over the next couple of days. They might just get a growth spurt with a little less water.

As far as those gnats, covering the top with perlite doesn’t seem to be stopping them,now does it.
I’d scrape most of that off and have your regular mix showing on top. Then I think I’ve read some posts mentioning “mosquito bits” or something like that? From what I gather there is some kind of gnat predator in those bits. If you ever see a ladybug try to catch it and put it in your tent. Praying mantissas are another good bug for your tent. If that bag of Miracle Grow soil is around, make sure you put it outside in the shed or garage. That bag of soil may be infested with gnat eggs.


I haven’t really used netting before, so here is my strategy. I will pull some of the tall branches to the outer edges to open up spots for lower branches to be moved into direct light and airflow. Then after a day or so after the outer buds have twisted themselves back toward the light, I’ll move them to a different spot again, being careful to lift the elastic netting over the branches without breaking any of the tops. Sometimes I will anchor other lower branches to one of the big branches to keep them in an open spot if they won’t stay there without some help.

Oh, when I had to choose which one to keep indoors and which 2 WWAs had to move outdoors, I selected this one because it had seven slightly thinner fingered leaves, indication more sativa traits. The other plants both had 5 finger leaves that were fatter more like an Indica strain. Now this indoor WWA has very thin fingered leaves compare to the others. :+1: :sunglasses:


I just repotted one of my large plants with the perlite + coco mixed in my miracle gro.
I also put rose quartz in each of my pots with my plants. I just put it in there so they can grow happy and healthy. The biggest quartz seems to make my plants grow the most.

My gnat problem seems to be doing just fine with the sticky pads and neem oil at night. I left the perlite off the top this time. The sticky pad in the picture is stuck with fur from my rambunctious kitten getting stuck to it.


Mosquito bits work and will kill the hell out of fungus gnats. Not expensive, I shake some out on top of the medium and sew them in a little and they’ll dissolve through routine feeding. The DE (Diatomaceous Earth) I cover the medium top after the mosquito bits. It also weeps into your medium killing any larvae, the top coat will repel them from landing :love_you_gesture: