New member, new & 1st grow going ok and now…

Can anyone tell me what’s eaten through this leaf? I don’t see anything on or around anywhere. It wasn’t there this morning. It was during “lights out.” Everything has somehow been going ok. Some days I think, “wow, I might really get there.” Others, I’m convinced they’re going to die within the hour. Hahah

I’m indoors
PhotonTek x600 pro (30” and 30%) tip burn fixed.
8” exhaust with silencer
Jardin 8” fan
Temps 65-75
RH 49-60 (more control now) steady 59/60
She’s Gorilla Glue from ILGM & 5 weeks from soil tomorrow.

How do I find it, how do I kill it, how do I treat it, and what it I can’t find it? Or them. I have zero clue.

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Check the bottoms of your leaves. May just be some deformed leaves from your prior issues.

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Your leaves look really healthy. No other signs of damage from pest. It could be where fan was causing it to constantly be moved around against a stem or something similar. Just keep a eye out for any more damage. I really don’t think you have anything to worry about :+1:


Looks like a caterpillar or larvae got in

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Thank you. I see nothing and it’s driving me crazy. I did find it weird that not one other leaf on 7 gals was touched. I searched. I took the glasses off (I didn’t believe I’d need them at first, dummy :rofl:) I went back an hour later and searched again.

I haven’t seen them this morning. Lights go out at 10 and I just couldn’t get up. Roommate checked for me and said still just that one leaf. I believe it happened in the dark yesterday, so I’m still crossing fingers. Hearing it could be something from previously, (as we all know there were early issues) let’s me breathe. Haha. I know it’s not that serious. I have a ton of seeds (I couldn’t decide) and can just drop more. I got to this point, I can again. You’re all here.

Thank you!!

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Thanks! It is on the side of the fan too. I hate that thing. I didn’t notice it wasn’t oscillating when I grabbed it, too lazy to go back. Even though I’ve been there 20 times because I go with the products I want in mind, ask a question, and then just buy that recommended product and leave :rofl:. They have to think I’m weird.

I’m still a bit paranoid but it has to be something simple. I see none of the signs of infestation. I don’t know where it would have come from (realize I probably wouldn’t but didn’t think it would arise this early). I’m going to check again this afternoon of course, but if I can’t find anything there’s nothing to remedy.

Thank you again!!

Thanks!! That’s exactly what someone else suggested too. I looked all over it. I took off the cover straw, looked through it, in the soil, under the pot :rofl::rofl:. I cant find anything.

I am going to look again today of course when lights come back up. I am convinced it happed in the dark period yesterday. I could be wrong and was missing it but I’ve gone through pics and don’t see it.

Thank you again!

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