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Oooo great point! I never consider how foreign some of our convos could look to new growers


Welcome to the community happy growing


welcome to the community


Thanks everyone. I’m loving modern growing. Got the tent up and running September 18. I had 5 auto flower plants still growing, and 8 regular photoplants my friend developed tge seeds for. Suddenly within 3 days when the autos were 5 weeks old, the shade leaves started wilting and fell off. The photos were in excellant shape even though they were all on the same table. This is what they looked like the first day in the tent. Fricken sad.

My friend called the same day telling me he was gifting us a plant he had outside, but had no room for it in his tent. A strain he called UK Cheese. It had been in flower 3 weeks already.

Everything took off great. Even those poor autos. 2 Thor’s hammer, 2 Bloody hammer, and 1 Sour stomper.

Fast forward 5 weeks. Cheezy just exploded with growth. Even the autos survived although 16"tall.

Forgot to mention i also brought in WPM and fungus gnats with the plants. Kept things under control till harvest. Got to run again. I’ll be back with harvest pics. Hopefully i posted the pics right.


Jacks dead bug works for pests. Do a bud wash after harvest if you have WPM OR BUGS.
Glad you are here. Lots of us retired kids here.


Welcome to the community! Sierra naturals works well for WPM.


Welcome to ILGM Forums @Dementedsquirrel


From @BobbyDigital
DWC = Deep water culture (Hydro)

RDWC = Recirculating deep water culture (hydro)

TDS/PPM = Total dissolved solids/ parts per million (Nutrient level)

EC = electrical conductivity (another measurement of TDS)

RO water = reverse osmosis water

DE = diatomaceous earth (bug prevention)

FFOF or OF = fox farms ocean forest (soil)

FFHF or HF = fox farms happy frog (soil)

MG = miracle grow (soil)

NPK = nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium

FF = fox farms (Nutrients)

GH = general hydroponics (nutrients)

AN = Advanced nutrients (Nutrients)

NTFG = Nectar for the gods (nutrients)

PAR = photosynthetic active radiation

PPFD = Photosynthetic photon flux density

SOG = sea of green

SCROG = screen of green

WPM = white powered mildew

RSO = Rick Simpson oil (extract)

CFL = compact fluorescent light (lighting)

HLG = horticulture lighting group (lighting)

MH = metal halide (lighting)

HPS = high pressure sodium (lighting)

CMH = ceramic metal halide (lighting)

AF = auto flower

HST = high stress training

LST = low stress training


When you mentioned bringing in plants from outside my first thought was my concern with critters, bugs and etc. Peroxide spray for WPM, Mosquito Bits for gnats. Stay after it.
Welcome and glad to have another septuagenarian around. Actually, there are quite a few of us. I’m 3+ years retired and loving it. This is what I have growing now Afghan to close 2022
I’ll be checking in…


Welcome to this forum. Next, you will need to Learn how to cure your harvest.
Good growing to you.

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Great list!!!

Back again. Again, Thanks for the warm welcome.
I realized in my excitement to be here, I forgot some info on me and my setup. (Note to mod’s) if im in the wrong spot for this, please move it. Still learning the site.
Anyway, i grew up in greenhouses and gardens. Everyone in my family did too. I like making things grow, especially cannabis.I bought a 4x4x60" Vivosun tent. My house is tiny and that was the biggest one I could fit here.
6" Vivosun inline fan.
Vivosun vs4000 led light.

Growing in 3 gal fiber pots filled with Fox Farms happy frog and ocean forest mixed 50/50.
After harvesting the in/out crop fighting the wpm, I cleaned the tent with clorox cleanup followed by peroxide and water. I was still nervous about hidden spores the spray couldn’t reach. I read about ozone killing mold spores and I bought an ozone generator good for 2000 square feet figuring it can reach all the hiding spaces.
I ran it in the tent for 20 minutes, then an hour in the lung room which is also cellar, laundty, pantry, boiler, and hot water room. Don’t know if ithe ozone did anything or not. Absolutly no wpm on the current grow.
The huge difference is the fact there are no spiders there any more. Usually need to shop vac cobwebs 2-3 times a year. All gone. The wife is thrilled.
Anyway, I’m going to fast forward pics of my first harvest so I can get to the current one.
After 42 days in the tent trichs said it was time.

Had over 28 oz green with stems.

Time for those poor abused autos.
They amazed me with the yield for all they went through.



Welcome to the fun side of life! Youre gonna love it​:crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:


Welcome to the community Grow Bro :love_you_gesture:


sweet harvest


I’ve thought about this too. The jargon in the support ticket (PPM, TDS, EC, pH, RO, etc…) probably makes many new growers cringe.


Maybe that acronym definition list above would be good in the FAQ area and then the stock support ticket can include a quick reference to it for folks to refer to as needed?


I found the list while I was lurking here. I had figured out a bunch, but there were some way beyond me. Handy for a newbee like me.