New member first timer grower

Hello, just wanted to introduce myself and my setup and get a few questions answered.

I’m doing my first grow, indoors. I have a 5x5x6 tent running:
600w flow hood and ballast with hps and mh
440cfm Exhaust
200cfm intake fan
two small clip fans to circulate air inside.

3x3x5 tent with:
Hydro mars 1000w LED light
200cfm exhaust
6” carbon filter bs screen for intake
1 small clip fan

Using happyfrog soil and fox farm nutrients

I have Girl Scout cookie extreme female for 5x5 and white widow auto going in 3x3 for now.

GSC says it yields up to 21oz per 3x3 so I was only planning on having 1 or maybe 2 and ScrOG method.

Auto I’m not sure what method I’ll be using yet

I was wondering how I raise and lower the RH inside the tent.

How do I switch the pH levels in soil

Im only in seedlings on the gsc, is it too early to have them under the 600w mH light? I ordered a 100w full spectrum light for seedlings but it hasn’t arrived yet.

Also debating on buying deep water culture buckets and just setting one up in each tent, and feeding them both at once. It almost seems easier to manage?

Does anyone have pics of gsc extreme and white widow auto by ILGM After harvest? Interest in seeing what I have to look forward to. Thanks!

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Welcome to the forum. To raise the rh you’ll need more moisture in the air. A humidifier. Bowl of water. Or dome the plant. Most soils have a ph buffer but you’ll need ph up and down to change the water ph which will change the soil ph. More members will come by who have grown the strains you have. Good luck and enjoy

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First timer, two tents, jump in with both feet. This is a ILGM WWA bud from my first grow

some of the smaller buds. I had not finished trimming at this point


Amen brother go big or go home right? Trump check well invested lol. Those look nice! What type of stress training if any did you do? And what was your seed to harvest time


I’ve heard you can have 100% control in tents and that’s why people use them,
It’s just that with you constantly intaking and exhausting the air in the tent it seems a little tricky to actually maintain a constant RH. I will look into buying a humidifier Thankyou

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Inkbird makes a good environmental control for humidifier/dehumidifier. Thats what I have mine attached to. Make a set point and once it drops to that point the humidifier kicks on and puts more moisture in the air to desired % then it kicks off. Plus it’s nice having the temp and rh read out, outside of the tent


Stress training - Scrog
days to harvest 101

I’m gonna tag along as well, if you don’t mind :v:

Update: I topped one and “fim” the other. Not sure if the fiming worked how it was supposed to. But they are both doing great. The one I topped I accidentally topped the second shoots down too close and had to just cut them off but I’m not mad and I don’t think she is either. Gonna let them go like this a few more weeks and untie then set up a net.

I bought that controller, what humidifier are you using? I’m running a $50 one I found on amazon. I don’t know if I’m not using the controller right but I have it set to 65 and it kicks off at 65 but I always have to turn it back on myself.

What range are you trying to hit and make sure you have it plugged into the correct outlet. If its like the inkbird I have. 1 outlet is for humidifier and 1 is for dehumidifier

I’ve been following this chart I found on here it said for veg I should keep it around 60%.
Anywhere here’s another update.
I added a trellis to the big tent. I got 6 clones of GSCE starting, and I popped like 5 gorilla glues and 7 more white widow auto.

The white widows are in week 2 of flower I think. I defoliated one a lot the other day.