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I’m on day 60 of my first indoor grow. I popped 5 beans, 4 auto’s, 1 photo. All grown in soil. I’ve been growing flowers and vegetables for 15 plus years, starting them inside, most from seed, but some from cuttings as well. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to legally grow some weed and after loosing my job during the pandemic there was no better time to jump in and get my feet wet. My lights are are a 230W Maxisun MF2000 and a Mieemclux C1000. My nutes have been what I have on hand, Epson salt, Molasses, Kelp, some Miracle grow during veg, and some bloom fertilizer I had on hand for Brugmansias and Datura’s I’ve grown in the past. I feel like my experience past growing experience has been a benefit, but I also am amazed at the learning curve necessary to adapt to growing cannabis. I look forward to continually learning from other members who post here and applying what I’ve learned during this first grow and the knowledge I’ve gained from this forum to future grows.


Pretty dang good for your 1st time I recommend learning how to healthily defoliate your plants and you’ll do even better in your next grow, though that last pic does look like it’s over or under watered ( pick up your pots if its heavy its overwatered, under if its feather light)

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Nicely done!!! What are your reasons for doing a 230W Maxisun MF2000 and a Mieemclux C1000? Recently ordered a MF2000 and was wondering how you like it? Again, looking REALLY good man! :open_mouth:

The plant in the last pic is my only photo so it’s been pushed to the corner while the auto’s finish up. I agree with your recommendation of picking them up and I make sure I do that every other day. It’s been drinking almost a gallon every other day for the last few weeks. I think it would just like a bit more light. Thanks for your response!

Thank you for the kind words. Both my lights were marked down on Amazon, so price was the main factor. I’m very happy with the MF2000, and the plants seem to like it as well.

Everything looks very healthy good work

Welcome to the community !

festivus420, first of all welcome to the community and to the forum. Well I would say by looking at them pictures the only thing that I see some of those plants could use a trim job oh excuse me defoliate. Them plants sure do look good, nice budz!


I have those lights myself, from Amazon, the meeeeelight! is a great veg light!

The clones were end of feb, after my surgery, veg them for 10 weeks at 5 ft tall, Sour Tangie, Blackjack, 5 ft tall, Animal Mintz, about 5 ft tall, Super lemon Mac 4 1/2 ft tall, now it’s harvesting time for Super Lemon Mac, Sour Tangie is close, Blackjack is weeks away from done!

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How long did it take to upload all of those photos? Welcome! Sometimes we sneak in pics of our vegetable and flower gardens too.


Wow! Just Wow! Amazing first grow.

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Awsome, love those fat leaves

Good to know!

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Beardless, are those tiger Lilly’s

I don’t think it is a tiger lily. I believe tiger lilies have dark spots and an Asiatic lily hybrid. I think it is some type of Oriental lily. We bought the bulbs a couple years ago at an end of season close out at a garden store.