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I currently am growing two plants on my deck. Feminized GG#4 & GSC. They are growing in containers about 20 gallon. Planted may 1st in fox farm soil and been feeding fox farm grow big, big bloom and tiger bloom. Plants are 7’- 7" high. I rotate in the sun a quarter turn every few days.Have just cut off the grow big and now its only big bloom, and tiger bloom.
When should I expect blooms and budding ? I only cropped one time so I have two main stalks.

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I would expect near end of month or early August. Can vary a little depending on exactly where you’re at.

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Plants can start bloom with as little as 9 hours of dark. But it’s more likely when 10+. Welcome to the forum!

Here in bfe

I forgot, Charlotte, N.C.

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Thank you and glad to be a member.

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I would expect you’ll see some flower sites to start coming in a few weeks.

You’re about on the same latitude as both dbrn and I. So yeah, what he said.

Pictures please @MarkE would love to see your girls. Happy growing

Can anyone tell me why post is highlighted. TRF I’m trying to post some pics still trying.

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Well first thing is you have to actually tag me using the @ sign. Like @MarkE is how I tagged you so you get the notification. I didn’t get yours yesterday and only just found it cause I’m looking around at outdoor topics. Do you mean why your name is highlighted? Lol
I think that’s what you meant but🤷🏼‍♂️