New member and soon to be grower questions

I’ve been lurking here as a new member for a few weeks now, just trying to absorb all the great information this forum has to offer. I’m wanting to put together a indoor 3X3 grow tent to just grow 2 plants at a time. I’ve made a list of everything I feel I need after reading through thousands of posts, from the tent itself to ventilation, growing media, growing pots, nutes ph meters, ect, I’m trying to make sure I get all the correct stuff to start with. I’m looking at getting this tent and would like opinions on weather this one will be descent without having to go to a more expensive route to start out with.

But my main concern lighting. Planning to go with LED. All of the LED lighting stuff for a noob is so overwhelming, but I’ve read so much about light coverage and true LED watts that I think I’ve settled on this Mars hydro Reflector192 Led Grow Light with 410 True Watts. Will this be a good choice for me? The cost of the light is almost half of the entire cost of my list of things I need. I’m hoping I can get away with just this one light from seeding to harvest, and still be able to use it if I decide later on I want a bigger tent, by adding more lights to go with it.

Any and all help would be appreciated.


if nothing else invest in a good light! i have a mars 300w hydro that works great… the ref192 i’ve read about but have never used…
i bought a 4by4 tent recently and got a anjeet 1200w cobb for it… i am happy with results so far,in fact my plants are doing quite well.
have you checked out advanced leds? they have some great lights! pricey but awesome!


Hi @Rugar89 welcome to Ilgm, congratulations on your choice to grow your on meds.
The 192 will be perfect for your 3x3.
I have the same size tent,but I went with 3-300w marshydro the old ones,because of limited funds but I’m happy.
This setup imo will be sufficient for your first run. And by then you’ll probably be like 85 percent of the folks here,putting every dime you can into it. Lmmfao :sunglasses:
Keep em green


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Thanks for the response. I’m on a limited budget which is why I’m going with a 3x3 tent instead of a 4x4. Its because of the cost of lighting for 9 sq feet vs 16. But that being said, I also don’t want to cut corners as I want to try and get the best harvest I can on the budget I have to work with.


You decently grow 2 plants in there… Good choice bro!


Not sure if you are planning on doing a SOG grow but wanted to mention if you are wanting to do a SOG I would recommend a tent with multiple access points to make it easier to reach your plants. But since you are only growing 2 you should be all set anyway. Just thought I would mention it, I want to try a SOG grow but my tent only has 1 access point so it would be difficult for me to reach the plants in the back.

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Hey I totally understand the budget thing and wanting to do it right.
9sqf ×35 (25-35wpsf recommended for led)
315w so I’d say you will have enough for a great harvest.

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I have two tents the same size and I use two 1000 watt LED’s in each. I got them from Amazon cheaper than the price of the one you linked to.

This one? $250 Amazon Prime.

This is the one I bought ten of. Working fine after over a year.

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So TWO of those in each tent, 4 altogether? How big are your tents?

I have 3 tents at 2 x 4 feet and 2 tents at 3 x 3 feet. I’m not saying you need that much light, but we’ve seen a huge yield increase since switching from 400 watters which we also had two of in each tent. That said, we’ve also adjusted some other things as well, but I’m reasonably certain that the amount of light keeps my plants from stretching during veg. This results in more bud sites in the “canopy.”

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Ive got the bestva 1000 w led. Its actual wattage is only 185 true wats with that being said, i have a 4x4x7.5 and atm have 9 plants feeding from just the one Bestva led and i have shown 0 signs of strecthing. How ever i know im not stretching now but i should at some point with its true wattage only at 185. I ordered a 600w mh hps light from ipower to step up the lighting for when i need. Just remember to check ur specs on our light before you order so your not short on light per cu ft. Just beacuse its titled 1000w LED doesnt mean it is at all.

I’m still trying to figure this LED light thing out, but from what I’m gathering that light only puts out 185 TRUE watts. Plus it doesn’t have a Veg/Bloom switch? Only a on/off switch? So with you using two of them you actually have 370 True watts?

That light looks to be a True 400w light and also has a bloom switch. HUMMMMMMMMM

There ya go dont think to much about my Bestva light. I made mistake buying it which is why i now bought a 600w HPS. Just make sure you read the specs for the light is all.

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@latewood Could I please get your opinion on the lighting I’m looking at, as well as the ones that other posters have suggested. I’m wanting to get everything ordered, but want to make sure I order the correct stuff to start with. I just cant afford to screw up by getting the wrong stuff and then have to spend more to get it right. Thanks!

I’m an engineer. The so called true wattage does not give you actual output, it gives you draw from the power source. The output of a 1000 watt LED is much more than you realize. And it’s cheaper to run.


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It’s late for me, so I gone a be quick, @Rugar89 @oldgoat … right, actual, real or true watts is the same thing and only give you the wall drawing power and it as nothing to do with the equivalent watts or, more precisely, equivalent lumens emitting from those actual real draw

Confusing, you bet. … And you know what, you have to consider PAR and umols /m2… oh, and the spectrum too, but, the true question is: what is the need of the plant. … And that question is gone a be answer at the most of my humble understanding and scientific knowledge and with the knowledge of other members in a further respond or topic…

Truthfuly your’s

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