New member and beginner white widow fem

Hey guys new here… just started my first grow in my closet. I have 4 white widow fem already broke soil and thriving, I’m using 1000w gixee full spectrum light around 40inches from my seedlings. Any advice or anything would greatly be appreciated. Will post pics. I will be using bergmans plant nutrients this grow.


Welcome to the forum! They look good so far! My only advice is make sure to have a ph and ppm meter and you should be good to go! If you have any questions everyone is more than willing to help


Thanks so much! I bought a strip pH tester and it’s saying I’m reading around 6.5 and 7 . I’m gonna invest in a better reader so that it is more accurate.

Those strips are notoriously inaccurate. FYI

A TDS meter is another invaluable tool and about 1/4 of the price of a decent PH meter.

You can bring the light down to 28 to 30" and watch for additional stretching of seedlings. If they continue to stretch, bring the light down to around 24".

That light by the way only puts out about 185 watts from the wall. More than likely you will need a lot of additional lighting once you hit flower.


Not familiar with that light but I believe you might want to lower your light down a little. More experienced growers may have better advice. Welcome to ILGM forum.


The aperia is a great meter, very easy to use. Also I would lower lights a bit and seriously look at some better lights if you want good buds!


So this is the light I ordered and am using. What do you guys think? I read good reviews on it but that didnt exactly mean for growing marijuana lol. My light is at 40" now, any recommendations on how low it should be? And also any lights in a decent price range that are easy to manage, I have a timer already. Thanks guys

Btw guys I lowered my light to 28". They are sleeping now. If you guys could send me some light recommendations for flower I would greatly appreciate it, or can I add another one of the models I have now? It has a port to run another

Welcome to the community. May you have a wonderful harvest. :+1:


Another question guys, I hung my light 28" from the floor… not the top of the plant…is that ok? Also I have another light, should I add it on?

Hey I lowered my lights last night and when I woke up they were all curled over!!! I dont know what to do!

Please help!

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Use a popsicle stick to stand up or hump soil around stem. Light was too far away and seedlings stretched excessively. Finally; put a clear dome over the top and only mist the inside of the dome for it’s moisture. The plant will survive.


That light is definitely not a good light I have one it’s ok for veg but you won’t get much bud from it a personal better choice is the king led 1500 or better yet hlg experience is the best learning. I’m currently using 1 king 1500 for each plant I’m currently updating to hlg one at a time

That is the wattage draw for the 1000 gixer next pick is the king led wattage draw

What’s the proper wattage for 5-6 plants in a 3x3 ? For veg and flower.

I use one light per plant and I don’t feel like I’m using enough light