New Member 1st Grow!


Hey guys! I am excited to start my first ever grow. I have been reading through posts and man there is a metric ton of information! It has gotten a little overwhelming, so I thought I might start myself a thread to get some advice in a more concentrated area!

I haven’t received my set up yet, but basically I ordered a complete grow tent set-up. Not sure on the rules, if I can post the site or not…
Anyways the setup includes:
4’x4’x6’ Yield Lab Tent
6" Air Cooled Vent
600w Digital Dimming Ballast
600w HPS and MH Bulbs
440 CFM 6” High Output Fan and 6” Carbon Filter
6” High Output Fan for your intake

Tons of other small extras; foxfarm ocean forest potting soil, meters, timers, ph gauges, etc.
I plan on doing this grow indoors obviously. I am not worried about the smell in the house so much, but it would be nice to minimize as much as possible. Is there a way to do this without running a line outdoors?
I ordered a couple of mixpacks in my eagerness to start and have a variety. The tent will hold 6 plants, so I think I will use 2 strains with similar height.
I went ahead and got some Jiffy Peat Pods to germinate the seeds, which the website I ordered from , guarantees germination up to like 95% i think!
I plan on using filtered water for all aspects of the grow; pod germination and watering
Does anyone know of any gauges or tools that can be used and linked to a smart phone for constant observation?!


Hello and welcome. Great idea to start a thread and collect information. You will get lots of help if you ask.

You appear to be off to a great start.
I want to get this item and it sounds like you might too!

With your 6" carbon filter I do not think smell will be a huge issue for you, noise on the other hand, could be. I too am worried about smell and 26 days into flower and I cannot smell anything unless I open my tent and halt the negative pressure created by the exhaust fan.

Best of luck @VelcroThumb


Welcome @VelcroThumb sounds like you got a good set. The carbon filter will help with the smell. Happy growing


A PH pen is a must ph counts for a lot of deficiencies.
if you don’t have one you should look into getting one. good luck with your first grow. :+1: :v:


looking at the kit it looks like it comes with everything you need including PH and ppm meters sweet.:v:


Thanks everyone! @eric2 @Smokin_ernie
@Screwauger do you know if there is a wireless nutrient sensor?


Welcome! The folks here are very helpful and friendly. Good luck with your grow. :sunglasses:


I actually already ordered this setup!!! It is coming Tuesday! Not a bad setup for $899


Just in the middle of my first grow, using very similar setup but with an 8x4x6 tent. May I recommend going to four plants, not six. I can barely get to my back line of plants now that the foliage is pretty serious. It’s super tight and I wish I’d done one or two less plants. Also it’s cramped and I’m friggin tall. Go for more room to work. You can train em to fill the same space. And get your ph right from the get go. Enjoy yourself too, it’s a blast.


@dontellanyone thanks for the heads up! I am tall as well!


Hi, This place is great. Once the first seeds pops u, you’ll be hooked on growing. :grinning::sunglasses:


Your gonna love it here!!


Welcome @VelcroThumb!! I too am on my first grow, learn from some of my mistakes in my grow journal! I’ll be updating tomorrow, and I’ll be sure to tag you in on the fun! But with all of these awesome people on here, it’s like having a go to support group. Best of all they want you to SUCCEED! First rule of thumb, don’t plant too many like I did! (Oops!?)


@Covertgrower i was thinking of 6. tent is 4x4x6. I think im only gonna do 2 of the 6 strains I got to see how they work out. @dontellanyone was saying I should maybe drop to 4 to have room to move around once foliage gets thicker


Welcome to ILGM @VelcroThumb.
I have pretty much the same set up you will be running. I don’t run my exhaust line outdoors I just run it until the room the tent is in so you don’t necessarily need to run it outdoors.
Looks like you have everything you need there.


@VelcroThumb Welcome welcome welcome! Nothing but good people here ready to help at all hours of the day from every corner of the world!



I’m with @dontellanyone - 4 plants would probably be a good amount for that tent (if not less). I’m currently on my first grow in a 4x4 tent doing a scrog and just started flowering. It’s going to be so cramped in there once they start to fill out. Honestly
I could probably run one plant and let it Veg for extra time and fill the tent out with the scrog.

Less is more for us beginners. It’s hard enough to get 2 plants right- let alone 6!

Tag me along in your journal! I’m happy to help out however I can. You’re definitely on the right path already with that setup.

Here’s a pic of my girls from last night so you can see what I mean (don’t mind the runt in front right- she was started a month later):


You can fit 6, but 4 is better. I’m still wondering how to fit 15 in a 4X8 area…


Welcome :slight_smile:️ I’m just about two Months into my first grow, this has been the best place for me to get support and guidance, I bet you’re exited & impatient for your set-up to arrive, I was! It’s such a mean buzz growing cannabis :green_heart::seedling:


@Spots i cant sleep im so excited! im like a kid on christmas eve!!! @Ray4x I like that SCROG setup you got there. What are the advantages of doing that vs growing straight upright?