New lights question?

I have a 2x4 and run a 300 watt Bridgelux Vero SE COB. It crushes grows…

I just finished an SSH using only a 200 watt Bridgelux EB strip and got over 200 grams.

Samsung boards are great but there are other options …

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I actually listened to some of you guys and returned my avenou led lights and purchased the x4 QB 132 v2 .
I am looking for a power supply. I got most of everything else… I am just going to build the case or heatsink for the boards when i get them so i can do it to size.
Other then that I will probably ask some questions about conneccting with wires i have no clue about that… But ill give it a shot!

autoflower mixpack on its way! :slight_smile: