New lights question?

So Im on a cheap budget for my first grow and i decided to get this light. I wanted to see if any of you have used it in the past or recently to tell me how it is?

However i have been on these forums reading and researching and for my second grow ill have better budget i should say alot better so I was planning to go with 4x 120 v2 qb’s.

I have a 2x4 tent so let me know what you guys think with this light i just got for the first grow.
its Aponou PL048 1000 w
Aponou Led grow light

btw for the seeds … I am just waiting for the money to go through, I paid with cash on saturday and its thursday today and it looks like they still havent gotten it. Im kinda worried but i still got alot of hope!

Thanks guys!

You are going to need more light in that space. That light lied to you on almost every bullet point. There unfortunately is no such thing as a ‘good’ ‘cheap’ light. It will work for veg but you will need double that for flower.


You think even with just one plant or two I’ll need more lighting?

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So you been on here reading and you still bought a light before asking anyone about it?
It’s an amazon light, don’t even open the box send it back.
Save up and get a 260w HLG for your 2x4
I run a 320w HLG in my 2x4 but my budget isn’t as tight (well wasn’t at the time lol)

Put that money towards something worth buying that you can keep forever like a QB.
Otherwise 3-4 months you will regret this decision and that light will be useless, will struggle to even sell it used


Well I wanted to start a grow . I get paid in two weeks to a month so it’s not gonna be a problem to purchAse me some qb lights then . But right now 80 bux was all I could spend .

So saving 80 dollars doesn’t matter to me if I can start my grow now . Or id hold up my grow a full month .

And btw things like this I wouldn’t resell . I’d use it for vegging tent or throw it away lol or just use it along with qbs

That light pulls 200w ± at the wall. So it’s effective for about 4 sq feet of flowering. You’d need at least 2 of those for your 2’x4’ tent, assuming they’ve reported the actual wattage accurately. As with most lights of that type on amazon it’s not very high in efficacy. That’s the bad news.

Good news is it’ll be fine for the veg stage in your tent. Veg takes a lot less light, and it’ll be plenty to get you started and into the first month or so. Then when you have more of a lighting budget you can get some quality lights and be all set for flowering.

Good luck and welcome.


Valid points, will work for veg just no very efficient yeah.

Could I add some more light bulbs to help it ? Through early stage

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Na you won’t need to.
By the time your plants can actually use more lights it will be better to get the QB and save that thing for a veg tent/room.

320xl 3500k v2 HLG QB would be best.
I got a 3000k because they don’t offer the 3500k in Canada and I had veg lights from a similar situation as yourself


Like @Drinkslinger and I pointed out you can use it just fine for veg although it may end up fairly high to give you coverage (another lie they told). The light can be used as a ‘nursery light’ in later grows so it’s not necessarily wasted money. But newer tech like a Quantum Board or, if you are handy, a diy build using EB strips can save you a bit of money. Especially if you have access to aluminum for heatsinks.


I found you can order heatsinks from Alibaba if you don’t have access to them

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Would it be better to go with the 320 xl or 4x132 v2 ?

I was leaning more towards the 4x132 but I’d like your guyses suggestions !

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Depending on how you want to grow, I have a 2x4x6.5 and I prefer 2 plants that are larger.
I went with a 320xl and it’s been great to me.
Much easier to adjust just 2 Rachets, if one plants smaller I just put it up on something like a flipped upside down clay pot


Bro on the Alababa site are qb boards less of a quality . Why is it cheaper??

Anyways I work at a fabricating metal company , we got all sorts of metals . I can cut them to shape or whatever needed .

But what would I search for those boards ? Like quantum boards heatsink or something ?

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I found them on the common Chinese copy cat manufacturers page
meijiu QB, then click and when it shows the name of the manufacturer/seller click that to go to their main sell page. Scroll through there, the heatsinks are decent but HLG’s are better they just don’t sell them separately.
Sounds like you have the metal connect anyways.

Not sure what your asking on the first section, they are Chinese knockoffs. Are they cheaper? Yes are they the same? No not exactly even between all the Chinese ones they are not all the same this probably helps them legally.
How do they compare? No idea
I have yet to see someone compare identical meijiu, HLG and kingbright or other manufacturers side by side in a video with a par meter.

Tons of other people on other forums use them them though these meijiu fotops (whatever fotop means?) I’ve read issue with warranty they definitely don’t stand behind their product like HLG does.
The quality of the heatsink is less I do know that.

Another thing to add is the od person sends their moeny and never gets a product but that’s why you always use trade assurance


Yeah that’s what I imagined from that site and you nailed the questions I was asking so thank you !
I’ll just go with the hlg !

Althought i had one more question…
Should i go with 3000, 3500,4000??
Whats the best ?


Go with 3500k. If they aren’t available, go with 3000k.

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@TibTheTryHard 3000K will get you from seed to harvest.

I have the same size tent and run a 1200 watt led and a 300 watt right beside it. Mine are doing well, not sure if my buds will be tight or wispy, we will see.

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