New Lights for small 2 plant grow

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Just about finishing first grow using a tent for three plants AWW grow using Coco-Loco and 2 - 450w Vipar Spectra LED lights and they are doing ok… I think. lol. Anyways was looking at upgrading to a different light… so looking for suggestions. Atm using two china 450w leds. it seems like either one HGL 260w XL QB V2 Rspec or two 135w QB V2 Rspec is where I am looking and this comes mostly from reading on here? Suggestions on which one would be best… and if there are better choices I sure would look at them. Right now I am planing on only having two… maybe three plants at some time, flowering at a time… with another two in veg.


Are you in a grow tent or enclosed area.

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Welcome! good choice on lights what is the size of the space you growing in?

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My tent is 4x4x7tall… but only planing on a couple plants at a time in flower and veg. This grow I used Coco-loco and will use that again with new lights. At some point I would like to try a couple the bubble buckets, but they are down the road after a lot more learning.
Someone said to look at budgetgrowlights dot com out of Michigan… as they compare to the HGLs but havent had a chance to look at their specs yet.


I have two 260w Rspec led boards from them. I’m 100% satisfied with price, performance, and customer service. They definitely produced great results. You should at least check them out. Here’s pic of my light. And of results.


To efficiently light the whole 4 by 4 space. It will take two of the 260w HLG kits. Personally I like the 260w XL version spreads the two Boards out. Wider footprint.


I upgraded to a spider farmer 4000 and it rocks compared to my two plurple lights. Would be perfect for a 4x4

TY… I will take a look at them.

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