New lights! Excited

Took your recommendations and bought lights!!!

Got my lights for $40. Hope this works for her!!!

The centers seems yellowish…is that normal?? Please advise.

Thanks in advance.

@highcountrygal @Aolelon @Viktor7 @HornHead

Yes it’s normal, new growth is usually a lighter color than the rest of the plant, as it grows out it will return to normal color

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What can I do now (and the next 8 weeks) to help her out? More nutrients???

I would just water, make sure your PH is good. I wouldn’t suggest more nutrients. if you’re feeding now, and your plant is healthy, no need to up the nutrients.


One last question, please?
Are these the right lights? Guy said they go for $150 añd I got them for $40. They are much better than the lighting I had. Just wanted an opinion on the lights. :grin:

I’m not sure, I tried looking up the model, so you have a name? I’m sure they will work fine

Nope no brand name. The pic shows all the info I have on it. I did Google one of those numbers and found similar lights.

Looks like the sticker on my king 1000watt but it is 1500 . Happy with mine it was about a hundred bucks was my first light and still works just fine


Guy said it’s also cheaper on the electric bill. :grin:


Yep less than half

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Maybe @dbrn32 can lend a helping hand.


Great. I believe that LED helps the branching. You have to be careful with distance to plant. If you see yellow in new growth you may be in sweet spot. Just watch them and monitor water intake. LEDs are cool lights so the plants may drink slower or faster depends on temp feed and humidity.

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Aren’t you the one that told me to take her bra off and let her go free?? Should I SCROG? Trim and/or top??
Or just let her go free?? :thinking:

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Depends on your space and what you want her to do.couple of options . top and go wider by LST or you can scrig and trim under growth to get an even spread of some what even sized buds. I let mine run loose because I like various size buds. I havnt done a SCROG yet because I move my plants around or spin them. Currently I can’t spin them because they are in flower. Again I run my plants larger @ 4-5 feet height. And remember every time you stress the plant it will extend time to completion. I try not to stress mines. However with any indoor grow you will face challenges. Good luck.

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A max current of 2.1 amps on 120v circuit means like 250 watt light. By most standards people like about 50 watts per square foot of grow space with those style of lights.

That 250 watts will probably do fine for one plant. You could put some white-painted cardboard or similar panels around the plant to confine the light just to that area, if your grow chamber is bigger. More reflected light = bigger buds around the outside.

You could also train the plant to fill a 30 inch square SCROG. That could increase you yield by about 20%, and keep more even light on the developing buds all at the same distance from the light fixture.

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Need more information on making the SCROG thing.
This is a clothes closet and the width is maxed out. She can go longer.
So many things to think about.
I so appreciate everyone’s input!!!

There is a whole tutorial here on SCROGs: Scrogging Tutorial

Basically you just need a 2 inch by 2 inch grid of string or wire fence that is 30" by 30" square, and you support it on legs or wall fasteners about 20-25 inches above the pot. As your plant grows up through it, you tuck or tie branches down to the grid. It helps to cut off the top of the plant a couple of times to get lots of side branches growing. When the grid is full, you stop and all the tips grow up at the same height. So instead of a plant with a single large top cola, you get a whole field of them.


Thank you so much. I just need to figure out how to make such a grid and how to support it.
One wall is a wooden sliding closet. The other are 2 closet interior walls… The third is my access through a reflective curtain (what lines the walls)…so I need to come up with something.