New lighting leap


I think I’m going to take the small leap and go ahead and get the first hlg 260xl rspec to finish flowering in my 3x3 and as the first of two for my next 4x4 tent. My question for you is can I leave my viparspectre 600w in there also? My bright idea was to turn the viparspectre sideways and leave it up high so it’s on my extra tall runt and one shorter plant, and then put the hlg on two of my better budding plants. Would this be ok? And what would you run the hlg light on power wise ? I’m about a month into flower.

You can if you want to. I would be slightly concerned that the 260 xl may damage sides if your 3x3 though.


@dbrn32 damage the actual tent sides from too much light/heat or did you mean something else? Should I just run the hlg? My issue is my runt is a solid foot taller than my other girls so I’m trying to keep light on her but would like more light on the shorter ones. Just trying to think of my best way to make them all happy.

I think he means the size of the XL. It’s 35 inches long

I’m running two HLG 260 kits in my 3x3. My girls love it


The 260 v2 R-Spec Kit would be a better fit for the 3 x 3 space. XL = extra-long. With a good negative pressure inside tent with walls sucked in. light would be touching the sides of a 3x3 space as @NeoGroR an @dbrn32 mentioned.


Yes, just too big for typical 3x3 like the others said. If you can get it to fit, negative pressure will likely have tent walls collapsed onto ends of heatsink.

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Will measure and see what I’m working with but from earlier measurements I think you’re right. I hadn’t considered that before. Thanks for the input!

Hlg has a discount code” DUDE” for 10% off, used it first of the weak

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