New light or PAR meter

I am looking to upgrade my system. I am stuck with my tent do to under the stairs grow. I have a decent LED(Sf-2000). Would you get a light upgrade or a PAR meter. If not what would you get besides a tent?

A par meter is handy and fun, but it can be expensive. I have an Apogee SQ-500 and it works fine. If operating on a budget, it would be better to ensure you have what is needed to manage the grow, such as pH and PPM meters, good cannabis soil, proper nutes, a good tent, quality lighting,…

The SF-2000 is a decent light. Whether or not you upgrade should probably be based on how many plants you intend to grow.


If strictly between the two I personally would get more/better light


Agreed. Also has limited application. You can tweak and tune all you want based on latest and greatest internet fad ideas, but won’t keep you from getting plants or conditions that could be a little more light sensitive than others. In short, par meter may help you understand your space better, but it won’t grow better/more weed for you.

What size grow tent are you in?

27x27 x63. I would like to upgrade tent but it is under the stairs and very well hidden. I am looking at ways to improve the set up without going bigger. Next grow I am looking at only 2 plants instead of four. It will probably be the Zkittles autos that I got from ILGM. Thank you and stay cool this week

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You are probably sized right for yor space with that light. Something a little more square would likely balance out par intensity a little, but I’m not sure your results would increase enough to justify the cost. How many harvests do you have out of there, and what were the dry weights?

First harvest will be in three weeks I just know it will be small based on many simple errors along the way. Especially with the late flower CalMag lockout. Anyway I can make life easier and increase yield will help.

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