New light. Maxbloom x8 anyone have one?

Well I started off in the beginning of Oct with my 4x4x80 tent and I picked up a 1000w sunraise led light. After doing more reading I realized the light was only pulling like 150 w from the wall.

I started searching more and doing more reading and I came across this light it is a cob led light that says 800 watts pulling around 420 to 460 from the wall. The light is a monster compared to the sunraise light. So far it seams to be good I only have had it for 3 days now but I am already thinking about picking up another one for a total of 800+ watts in my tent.


Man! You could be putting Quantum Boards in that space for what you are paying. WAY better light.

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@Myfriendis410 show me a qb for what I paid for this light and I will buy it right now and send this one back…

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The sunraise is going back on Monday so I am not out no money on that light. The maxbloom even tho it is $300+ I paid roughly $150 for it.

HLG has a refurbished 550 for $499. That’s 3 times the output in a high PPF top bin Samsung diode. Not those cheezy 10 year old units being used in the China lights.

I found that in about 10 seconds. I’m quite sure you can find more deals or look into a diy build. (that is what I did).


This plus more usable spectrum means you can run down closer to 25 watts/per square foot thus reducing heat load, electrical consumption etc. My light bill went down $60 the first month!

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I’m glad I switched to the HLG 260xl Rspec. With two of those lights in a 4x4 it’s like having a Sun in the grow tent. :+1:

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What did you pay for the two and any suggestions for websites for him to look?

For the two set it was just shy of $799. I ordered them from Growerlights as was suggested by several members. Each aluminum panel holds 2 QB’s each and I can add a 3rd QB and thus will make it good for a 5x5 grow tent.

The 4 QB is like having a Sun placed into the tent. I had planted 4 seeds and only two grew. This was before I put up the HLG lights. After they was up, a third seed finally popped. On my old lights the third wouldn’t have.

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