New light kit from HLG

@dano13, here are some pictures of my Skywalker. At 13 days after the flip, under the double Diablo. I have the light dialed in at 40,000 Lux at the canopy. This equals 39 DLI before the flip, and 26 after. So far the stretch seems minimal since Skywalker loves to stretch. Tomorrow I will move them to another tent with the new 260 FR, and it has about 12 inches more headroom. I plan to start with about 26 DLI, and ramp it up to 40 during the next week.

This one has had very little stretch so far.

This one wants to stretch a little more, I guess it is genetics.

I have topped about five run away stems so far. But beginning to prefer to supercrop, I think that is what you call it when you slightly crush the stem so that it will bend. After you slightly crush and bend the stem it really slows down the tip, and allows the rest of the plant to catch up. Also I have not done any trimming of the bottoms, didn’t want to encourage any upward growth on top. I plant to do a defoliation on day 21 of flower this time.


Yeah I got little stretch first couple weeks but that’s last week to twos weeks just enet out of control and I had to chop couple by accident but I bent some over tired down and yes it’s super cropping when you press and soften the inter of stem don’t like doing it in flower it getting little softer more hollow feeling inside I do a lot during veg or if I get clones from stock shelf where they are usually big and are about to thrown but they make these clips that you can use for super cropping 90 degree clips for plant training I like them work good sometimes. Keep me posted on the stretch my last week of stretch was crazy thought I had it then shit . I was thinking of using my bspec for the first week maybe two watcjh it and add this old hgt 270w cob not a bad light I use if for a small closet grows nice plant the spread not great for where it’s at but I manage but might use that and my bspec together first week make two see how it goes

How did the stretch come out Skywalker kush that’s my strain that coming to the plate next fem seeds not clone but just wondering how it coming

Been meaning to post. Here are pictures from Monday. The one on the left is stretching a lot more than the other one. Must be genetics since the seeds were from the same order. I really like the way the shorter is shaping up, and took a couple clones from it a few days ago. Been increasing the light to about 30DLI at the top of the short one. Started defoliation of the lower branches on Sunday, and been working on some of the upper fan leaves since then.


How are things with this light after a year in? I just purchased one and put it into my flower closet about 54 inches above the average flower height. Dimmer is at full blast. 5 autoflower plants ranging between 30-70% through the flower cycle. Would that be a good distance? Closet size is 2x4. Lights were previously under a maxisun mf1000. Would love to know what adjustments I can anticipate making after transitioning to this new flower specific light.

Those plants finished with about 9 ounces between the two. I screwed up and didn’t weigh each plant’s yield. The light is now in a 5x5 with a 350R. I just ordered and placed a second 260 Rspec FR in this tent. That is how happy I am with the light.
The three foot heat sink on the 260R gives a great spread, and should match very well in you 2x4. In my 2x3 the light at side walls was as intense as the center. The canopy was at about 15-18 inches and did just fine. You may want to keep a 18 inch or more canopy distance in order to maintain a good light spread. Due to foxtailing I ended up running the light at about 7-8th setting on the dimmer.

Thanks for the tips! I’ll use them as a baseline. It will be interesting to see changes in flower development on the ones that will be 50% old light and 50% new light.

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Sounds like you like the 260fr more then the 350r…curious on your input.

@Poseidon1, I wouldn’t say that I prefer the 260 FR over the 350R. I am a huge fan of the Diablo boards that are in the 350R. In the 5x5 the 350R and the 260 FR was only able to generate 30 DLI at the canopy. The 350R was the third light that I originally wanted, but it came down to a couple things, after a little more thought. First the 350R did a good job of veg in the 5x5, especially at 36 inches. Second was price $225 for the 260FR vs $345 for the refurbished 350R. Since I was short on light during flowering I thought for the price I would try the 260 first.
I have been busy with replacement windows, and have not checked the DLI since the third light was added. But the nutrient solution intake has definitely increased in the AutoPot reservoir. Also the tent is warmer and has lower humidity. Both were needed at the present time of year.


I will say this, if your checking dli with something like the photone app. Be careful because i believe the far red is not picked up. My good buddy has a scorpion rspec far red. I was not reading 900 ppfd unless it was at 12 inch which is to low for the far red. But with a apogee its over 1200 if memory serves.

Thanks, I use the phone app. Not convinced that it is very accurate.
I used to have a 2x3 loaded up with fluorescent side lighting, (24,000 lums), and the phone app didn’t see much of an increase on the meter. You could definitely see the increase by eye. The way you need to set the app for all the different light types. Makes me wonder about the app’s accuracy. I just need a light meter that will accurately read the total Lux in the tent.
In the meantime, I will just try and read the plants and use the phone app as a back up tool.

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Anything past 700nm range i think is out the window for the photone app imo. It works really close with the 350r,'s tho but they get up to 660nm only.

I definitely need to learn more about the FR, since I am using it. FR is different. Some plants will stretch 3x in height after the flip, while others will not stretch at all. I am not sure if reducing the light intensity with the FR will increase the stretch, like a regular LED. Or does the FR rule go in the opposite direction?

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Thats a good question. Just a new light to get used to. It would be nice if hlg had the conversion factor from lux to ppfd on there site for the scorpion far red and the 260 far red like the diablo’s.

I would think it would increase the stretch with reduced ppfd.

That maybe why I am getting so much stretch in the 5x5, and not so much in the 2x3.