New Light for the grow!

Just got this bad boy in the mail today, can’t wait to get off work and set it up and switch out the 1000w bloomspect trash! I also have a 15w 2700k led supplementing light in a 2x2x4 tent, should I try to use both this and the bloomspect or just put it up?

New light is 135w QB V2 respec LED


I would just use the 132, but up to you. Just turn the blurple off before pictures… :thinking::wink:


I’ve been lazy the past couple of days before work lol they usually get photo shoots before bed in my kitchen but the leaf miner incident has me paranoid xD

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The 135 v2 rspect will be all you need in the 2 x 2 space.

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What distance would you guys hang this light at for transitioning to flower

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Starting at 20 inches, girls look very happy,