New leds. Are the controllers sent full power?

It has a pot but I dont want to mess with it unless I need too.

Are you referring to the driver/hlg?

Some are adjustable. Some aren’t. All the adjustable drivers I’ve purchased have been set to full on.

Thanks. Yeah, that’s what I thought. It’s funny. You spend the $$$ to build the strongest light you can afford then turn it down. Lol


Depending on what light and stage your in but I keep mine down until flower the gradually increase the intensity

Personally, I use all of my lights at full power at all stages of growth. I adjust the lighting level using a PAR meter and moving the lights to the height that delivers 800 - 900 umoles/m^2/sec in the main room and 500 - 700 umoles in the tent.

I should point out that this practice is NOT the norm.

Maybe not the norm but going by your grow, maybe it should be.


Hey @Bobbydigital, that made me laugh really hard! You folks are all a big kick!