New LED advice recommendations

Winter is almost upon me, and I have to start the indoor scheme back up. I need a new light, but am on a tight budget.
I was thinking LED, I only will plant 4-5 seeds at a time in my 5 gallon (autoflower)
Was looking at the Mars hydro line. The 1000 is under 200 bucks!!! I have seen so many video reviews etc and looks good.
Any advice, experience, recommend ations and or info would be helpful!

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I saw some 4000w models on Amazon lately for under 400 bucks they were actual watts 400-440 but are off brand remakes of the spider farmer, or Mars style. There were smaller ones in the same brand I just didn’t look at the prices but 400 for the big ones I’m sure it would be half for the 2000w and half again for 1000w. I pointed out the 4000 because a 1000 won’t be enough for 4 plants a 2000 would do 4 if you kept them small

Edit == some of these actually have Samsung LEDs

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It’s more about how much space the light needs to cover than it is how many plants. What size space are you trying to light?

Cover a 4x4. Not using a tent . Just my fans and gadgets etc.

You’d need 2 of those lights to properly cover that size of space.

Ok, I figured that also. How about the Mars lights in general?
Btw, I’m assuming h r a rza fan… I purchased that bobby album first day it came out back in 2000 I think lol

Lol, yeah. Was my first internet screen name from like 1998. For the mars light, there are plenty of people here that get good results with them.