New leaves of seedling are yellow with brown at the bottom (LED light burn?)


Hola, Amigos! :hugs: @PurpNGold74 @Countryboyjvd1971 @tanlover442 @Redeyedranger @DTOM420 @TxGrowman @TDubWilly @garrigan65 @Niala

We are 65 days flowering so far since switch (2 weeks after last photos of the proper colour).

  • The photos below are made 2 days ago. Trichs are mostly milky (some not in full) and some (maybe 20%-30%) are still transparent.
  • Light switched from 13/11 to 12/12 like 3-4 days ago.
  • New “bud sticks” formed on the tops of the buds (rather thin but seems to get fat soon) and by sides and still many white pistils there. Seems like buds get much more fat and these new “thin bud sticks” shall also start to get fat.

Please advice whether I shall switch light like to more dark hours and whether to start flushing / or keep light 12/12 and feed some more?

Big thanks dudes! :green_heart:






depending on the strain…some are always loose n fluffy…some will grow hard tight buds.

looks like the Ladies could go further and fluff big time…and get muchly more stickiness.
at least two weeks…a Xmas Harvest !!!

Of course, if you cant’ wait…small samples could be taken. Once it’s turning amber…take the upper more mature buds and let the rest go for another two weeks. It does make a diff.


Thanks my man!
I’m not in a hurry at all, so would let it go at least up to 2 more weeks when she is 80 days bloom.
The buds are tuff, very hard - seems I’m lucky with this gifted bag seed :blush:

What do you think on the light schedule, when should it be switched from 12/12 to more darkness if should at all? As I choose to give her 2 more weeks, when should I flush?


Whew… loads of questions up there. No idea how the heck… maybe the gnats tag made me jump past that. Tan is correct. The important part has really aged. Make sure to keep checking trichs on orange pistil’d buds. Now lemme go copy/paste that act test. Ur solid on most of it.

  • 1.Can I flush with special agent (AN flawless finish) just prior to the cut, lets say 8 days before only, not more? Watering 1/4 days I will manage to make it like 2 times (1x pot size maximum I suppose, as the pot is 18L so it would be not easy in soil). I want to make my flush period as short as I can to proceed with feeding as long as possible - for the plant not to be hungry these last phase of life (some people say it’s not a good thing to stress it with long flushing periods and seems like it sounds logic for me). Maybe even one proper flush would be enough?

This is something i see @dbrn32 n @MattyBear n @Hogmaster mention alot. They dont do hardcore flushes (i believe) just water and blackstrap molasses i do believe. Fellas any tips would be appreciated.

  • 2.Should the plant be watered last time before going 48(72) hours of total darkness? As I understand - “No”. After the flush we give her last light period and when it’s time to water next time - we don’t / we do stress her: dark room, low humidity, low temperature, stem split (?).

Uhh id give her water before that 48. You dont wanna stress her to the level of wilting her. And some even go so far as a bucket of ice dump on her soil over those final dark days. No idea if it helps but its for ‘stress inducement’. Stem splitting seems to be getting popular. Havent tried it myself but :man_shrugging:t5:

  • 3.What temperature and RH respectively to dry at? Should ice bottles be used inside the room to make the tent temp lower (think it’s “yes” for me)? Should the exhaust fan work 24/7 (seems “no” for me, just from time to time like burping in curing)?

62% is where you wanna get her, as slowly as possible. So dont make the room bone dry when curing. Air circulation is very important but dont have the fan or whatever directly on the weed. Drying racks are actually one of the best ideas ive seen used around here.

  • 4.Should buds be cured untrimmed (i would pick “yes” even it’s rather dangerous and should be checked more often)?

Nope. Get rid of those leaves. You can hang the whole plant to dry. But trim before u cure. Those sugar leaves arent the best smoke. And you want to seperate your: Grade A, Grade B, and Fluffy/sugar leaves. The fluffy buds n sugar stuff isnt the best tasting smoke but DEFINITELY HAS ITS PLACE. Edibles, hash nuggets, etc etc


Wow, thanks for your wide input, dude!

Yeah it seems I shall keep adding HB-101 vitaminazer and AN Bud Candy (carbs, vitamins, aminos) during the flush anyway, but maybe cut everything off these last 3 days of dark period making a big RO water flush prior to it.

I completely agree with you to hang the whole plant while drying and shall do like this.
Speaking about trimming during harvest it seems better to make a dry trim to keep a lil more moisture around buds while drying. The only fan I’ve got and use this run - is an exhaust one at the top of the tent, so it only refreshes the air inside tent without any air pressure on buds directly. There are several passive intake holes (2x exhaust_fan dia) for the fresh air intake. Even I use carbon air filter due to my calculations the fan manages to refresh the room for 1-2 minutes only. So I plan to use it for these 2 min several times a day during drying I suppose.



Again all solid. Except one thing. A wet dry (with sugar leaves) is the slower dry. But harder to trim because the leaves with secede. The wet trim before dry nets you a better cut. Youll get more leafy material out, thus have purer buds. Buuuut she dries quicker.

Completely up to you tho. Both work


Seems I got you! You mean within dry trim it would be harder to get those “B grade” sugar leaves away as they will get “dry” (smaller, curly) and hide inside buds, right?


Indeed! And the sugar leaves go into the trim fluff pile which is the C pile :joy::joy:. The problem is the C grade sugar leaves going into your A grade bud nuggets. Kinda a conflict of interests if you want the best smoke


Gifted bag seeds??? Gifter had no idea what strain? A Mystery Grow?

suggest you closely watch the trichomes development. Once you see how fast they are turning amber…you can judge the time to harvest by adjusting for flush. Suggest a manufactured flush would remove a lot of the nasties. Then ph’d plain water for 5 days. If you want a smoother flavor, 1 teaspoon of UNSULFURED BLACK STRAP MOLASSES to a gallon will make a positive difference in the flavor.

trimming while freshly harvested will be easier than allowing the big leaves to dry and shrink down on the buds. Hint: harvest 50% let the lower buds get more light and bulk for maybe two weeks.

Splitting the main stalk will increase the trichomes after two or three days. Noticeable increase but not majorly major increase. Kind of a one time increase.

12/12 schedule will work till harvest. Some will suggest reducing light hours. Others also suggest 2 days of complete darkness. Up to you.


I think if you look at how individuals finish plants you have to look at what they’re doing as a total package. I’m probably more familiar with how mattybear does things than hogmaster, but I’d be willing to bet we’re all along the similar beliefs. Which is if we had the choice between pulling nutes a little early as opposed to a little late, we’d lean towards late. I’ve harvested green plants that smoked just fine after cure. That’s not exactly my target, but I definitely don’t want to be early and end up going 2-3 weeks without anything. So my plan is generally to feed pretty heavy around weeks 5-6 and then taper off my next two feedings and try to see where I’m at from there. In most cases when I believe I’m inside of two weeks out I’m applying a mixture of epsom and molasses. With maybe a single straight watering or molasses only watering prior to harvest. But I’m also usually not doing any stem splitting or extended dark period. The whole goal behind my method is to push yield. Splitting stem can disrupt flow of plant, and dark periods don’t provide any energy to the plant. In my opinion both are methods to get your plant to finish faster. I would rather have it finish bigger instead of faster.

I think you can definitely give too much too late. But watch anyone who has a pretty good handle on this, and how much their buds blow up the last couple weeks. If you’re chasing a solid yield, it’s definitely not the time you want to have your medium stripped of nutrients.


Sorry being late with my big thanks to your reply that found me it time! :green_heart::v:t3:
Didn’t manage to get into socials that long.

Yeah, that’s a Mystery grow, no info on the seed. We were even checking whether it was an auto long ago :slight_smile: Due to the leaves profile while vegging - it should be an Indica dominant that’s why I was expecting it to get ready by 8-9th week. But it’s 10th week finishing within next days so far and I don’t see stun in buds grow (they started to grow by sides very fast looking like thin spears - now getting fatter) apart from the other symptom - leaves are getting yellow a lil faster than before but OTOH even new growth is seen from spot to spot.

I feeded her 1 more time since last post with the same dosage, didn’t cut anything. Want to try this till see the Stun and no more fresh pistils as well as amber trichs (still no amber there, but trichs are mostly cloudy with some not to the top). Another thing is leaves - as they start yellowing a lil faster, in a week or two it can happen so I will have no health fan leaves there only sugars probably and here where I stop the other way.

I hope she can’t go more than 12 weeks as I am kinda nervous already :smile:

Btw, I plan to use a Cold dry within the fridge at around 40%/40F for about 2 weeks and then cure in fridge as well. They have a looong topic there in 420 magazine topic but it’s all about drying slowly in no frost fridge until RH stabilize at ~72% and then jarring and burping till 62% and then long storage. Some wash buds prior to it, some don’t, but all of them say the nose is much more great and the potency there too.
I saw many men there trying this way and it’s hard to get mold in case you store buds within jars put on the side, no lids (cheese cloth), 1/2 full in the crisper and rotate/shake daily. Some say frost+ works too.

I’ll stay with 12/12, maybe use your hint with partly harvesting (looks interesting…) and plan dark days and a stem split maybe (need to think about it, maybe even reveg this magic unknown strain :smiley: ).

@dbrn32 Big thanks for your input!
Seems I feel the same way to pulling nuts a lil late… just feeded her the same amounts.

I like your thoughts on “bigger than faster” and should follow the same target! I’m curious to try dark period as it seems to me it’s a good stress relating to flowering period directly and maybe more low environment shall get more volume of resin without strong evaporation being under lights, IDK only guess. OTOH they say that more light / heat produce more resin for the plant to protect itself from light burn. And some say that less humidity relates to more resin.
So giving a dark period I hope I get al least 2 out of 3 :smile: Still not sure. But splitting stem is the last thing I’ll be ready for …


Keep us updated on the fridge cure. That should be interesting. Best Wishes


When you transplant seedlings that are spindly, can you plant them deeper like a tomato plant?