New leaves of seedling are yellow with brown at the bottom (LED light burn?)


Hello, farmers! :wave: :man_farmer:
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Still didn’t manage to get microscope to check the trichomes, shall try to buy it one of these days. But made some fresh photos of Girl under full spectrum light.

She is 50 days so far, starting 8th week and it seems to me that the smell multiplies there…
I’ve made 1 more feeding since last post giving her same dosages but -40% of Nitrogen (and some micros respectively by giving 50% less GHE Flora Micro = -100ppm).

I found 2 microscopes I liked: a) 50x b) 150-200x
Isn’t 150x - too much?

Your thoughts are of great demand as always! :green_heart::hugs:


Seems to be allot of white hairs for week 8. Is it week 8 from showing pistils or week 8 from the light schedule flip?


From the flip… pistils appeared +1 week after the flip =

  • 50 days from flip
  • 43 days from pistils


Let her go until those pistols start to brown
Looking good my friend
You can order a loop off amazon for a low cost as little as 5$ it worth buying one


The pistils are very long, white and numerous. Leaves look relaxed and healthy.

You got a good thing going…keep it up and you will be smoking and grinning…for XMas.

Best Wishes…:cowboy_hat_face::vulcan_salute::v:


Wow! Your buds look amazing :facepunch: as the others said you’ve got a couple weeks til you even need a scope. As to the magnification I use a 60x and it’s sufficient but would prefer a 90x or 120x but anything over that would be unnecessary and hard to focus IMO. Taking trich pictures sucks from my experience so I wouldn’t make it any more difficult than it has to be. :v:


Thank you for a good motivation! :star_struck:

I’ve got there:

  • microscope x200 (checked it with stones, wood and carrot :rofl: - works great) I checked the 100x one and it’s like absolutely the same but this one was more portable.
  • mini hygrometer for the jar
  • 8gr Boveda humidifier

Gonna check tomorrow if there is any milk… :slight_smile:
Also will flush & check ppm tomorrow… maybe it’ll give me some ideas on feeding.


Can’t wait to see those pics :eyes:


Yes those buds look :yum:! Loads of white pistils as stated above but creeping closer to that date. Trich Watch 2018 :joy:


F*ck me, it’s so hard to check trichs with such a big zoom holding portable microscope in hands… My next would be digital one with usb used for work with electronics :slight_smile: it is 3-4x more expensive, but is another grade of microscope for sure!

I’ve managed to check the Trichs with it - they are transparent to cloudy like 50/50. Those which are cloudy - are cloudy by half like half of the “ball” being transparent and another part - milky. I even managed to find 1 amber somewhere ))

Still got half an hour before lights off, so I go try to record video with a phone camera + microscope and not break any bud or my leg standing on a chair with all these equipment :grimacing::joy::fist:t2:


Be careful! Actually scratch showing us. You can see it so good enough :+1:t5::+1:t5:


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Hola my dear friends! :slight_smile:

I am sorry for the quality, these are all I managed for now - posting as is…; it was hard to bring 2 “dots” in 1 line making a photo (video is zoomed by default so it would be even more difficult)… :crazy_face:
Think I’ve damaged some balls a lil, fortunately not mine))

@PurpNGold74 thats right, but it’s always a pleasure to share u know… I think next time I should take a small sample of a bud and use some glass box as a buffer between the piece and the microscope to make proper analysis and photos as mementos :blush:


You have a long way to go. Trichomes look very nice clear and just starting to develop.


I agree with tanlover still got a while. You’re takin pics of buds right? The ones on the leaves ripen faster so those don’t count :wink: :v:


Yeah I’d go with the USB :wink:


I tried to, didn’t have much time to get familiar with this micro. I’m sure some pics are related to sugar leaves…

I’ll practice these days and inform on the results.

Still can’t get how important it is to keep these trichs undamaged?
I mean I see many people are way too agressive with their buds: touch it with fingers all over, shaking jars to check whether they stick together or not…

Should we keep em untouched, is it ever possible?
Aren’t they the most valuable storages for thc, cbd and all that matter or it’s just the peak of the iceberg?


I’m aggressive with mine too. I don’t think the trichs are that easily knocked off unless they’re frozen which makes them brittle. Some comes off on my fingers but compared to all the weed that I harvest it’s miniscule. It would be nice to be perfect sometimes but it’s not gonna happen so I just ride with it :v:


Yeah man, I agree with you.

It would be nice to get proper biology & chemistry knowledge apart from one given at school long time ago to understand these plant secrets.

Today I picked new supplement of Advanced Nutrients:

  • Bud Candy (different sugars, fulvic acid & “proprietary fractionated resin and essential oil enhansing plant extract”)

Also will get their Flawless finish product for final flush.

The last thing to understand:

  • a) how to stress the plant inna most productive way prior to the cut (flush / low temps / lower humidity / longer night period / 48 hours total darkness with further cut still in darkness / stem split etc.)
  • b) what way of drying to choose from a number of variants (maybe I shall choose to try low temps drying putting ice in tent to save terphenes better / for shure it will be whole plant drying with no wet trimming to make it as slow as possible)
  • c) curing tips to decide on (seems like obvious after reading a number of guides and asking people’s ways, but still a point to be well prepared for / should use boveda packs for glass jars / almost ready to make it within freezer partly or somehow but involved in this process for shure.

There is a number of questions in this regard and as I got only 1 Girl there, I’m responsible to make it as good as possible :slight_smile:

Your thoughts or real experience would be very helpful :gem:

For now I got several gaps thinking about:

  • 1.Can I flush with special agent (AN flawless finish) just prior to the cut, lets say 8 days before only, not more? Watering 1/4 days I will manage to make it like 2 times (1x pot size maximum I suppose, as the pot is 18L so it would be not easy in soil). I want to make my flush period as short as I can to proceed with feeding as long as possible - for the plant not to be hungry these last phase of life (some people say it’s not a good thing to stress it with long flushing periods and seems like it sounds logic for me). Maybe even one proper flush would be enough?
  • 2.Should the plant be watered last time before going 48(72) hours of total darkness? As I understand - “No”. After the flush we give her last light period and when it’s time to water next time - we don’t / we do stress her: dark room, low humidity, low temperature, stem split (?).
  • 3.What temperature and RH respectively to dry at? Should ice bottles be used inside the room to make the tent temp lower (think it’s “yes” for me)? Should the exhaust fan work 24/7 (seems “no” for me, just from time to time like burping in curing)?
  • 4.Should buds be cured untrimmed (i would pick “yes” even it’s rather dangerous and should be checked more often)?

There are even more things I didn’t remember right now to mention I’m confused about :slight_smile:
But to make a short conclusion all these points are about feeding and flushing at last stage, proper stress to boost buds quality and proper plant treatment during drying & curing.

You Farmers said I have my two weeks there at least, hope you all can stand for it a little more :grimacing::smile:

If someone got lots of time - it would be nice to chat on these points :green_heart::open_hands:t3:

Advanced Nutrients supplement for late bloom | soil mix

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