New leaves of seedling are yellow with brown at the bottom (LED light burn?)


Plants cool with it?

@Redeyedranger @PurpNGold74

Today pics, lollypopped her these days. The growth is fast. New sprouts all over Colas and get bigger rapidly.
But these lower leaves… It shouldn’t be nitrogen toxicity, right? :slight_smile:
I’m confused also whether I should still feed her Bloom nuts as there are no flowers like 8 days from pistils (plants react badly to switching?)


She’s lookin better already :+1: you wanna gradually switch. Like 3/4 veg nutes 1/4 bloom nutes
1/2 veg nutes 1/2 bloom
1/4 veg 3/4 bloom…
Plants cool with vin as long as it’s diluted in water first.
Try a gallon of water and a tablespoon of vinager and pH it and adjust. More water or more vinager.
Leaves look pretty normal to me. If the new growth looks good and it’s not spreading it was just shock and you’re all good.
As you back off nitrogen (N) it will slowly stop green and growth and just concentrate on flowers and buds ( P) and root development and overall plant health (K)
So don’t expect much growth after the stretch and she’ll eventually turn pale and yellow down low but that’s normal.


Yup that little color debacle is in your rear view mirror now. I agree with the blue m&m above. Gradual switch. Dont wanna cut her right off from veg feed but can slow it down while introducing the flower… crap. The m&m man said this huh? O well. Here are ur likes. Good day sirs :joy:


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Thanks my men! :green_heart: :raised_hands:

Can u take a closer look at my Nuts please when got time. They are like complex, and the Manufacturer recommends to use Vegs 1/week, Bloom 1/10-15 days.

But I see people all over feed their plants more often. I mean, does the fact I got common fertilisers (Veg - for foliage flowerless plants / Bloom - for vegetables) can make me adjust recommended feed periods? Cannabis needs more? Couldn’t understand how to read these recommendations.

I used to feed her this way and u see the results:

3 days passed
3 days passed
8 days passed
3 days passed
5 days passed
3 days passed
4 days passed
1 day passed
3rd day for now since last feeding…


Honestly i have no idea on MG growing rates. Luckily i have a… semi expert per-say. @Wildwest help please :joy:


Sorry for my spelling, I ment just manufacturer as the “MG”, mine is not Miracle Grow…

It’s just one for foliage plants and other for vegetables


Ahhhh. Well usually u follow mfg schedule ur fine. But if she wants more then feed her. Do u have a tds/ppm meter?


No man, I don’t.

But I’ve checked my water once with TDS it was about 130, btw I remember I was confused that tap, filtered and boiled water had the same tds like ~130.

And I never used ppm devices.


Well go by your girl. Tips burn pull it back a bit. N dobt overdo it too far. Ramp her a bit more if u choose


:joy::joy: love it. If i can help just gimme a shout!

Looks like everyone has you covered @whopee as per feeding, the mfg is just that ‘a guide’ always read your girls and if they want more give them more but as said if the tips burn stop feeding and give plain ph water :ok_hand:
TDS and ph meters come in extremely handy so if you havnt got them yet i suggest ya do, you wont regret it :slight_smile:
Goodluck il be set to :eyes:


I only use organic fertilizer as an additive so take this with a grain of salt. My synthetic veg stage NPK is 20-14-13 and flower is 0-50-30.
In order for you to somewhat match these numbers you would have to be about 4x the recommended dose 5-4-5(4)=20-16-20. You don’t want nitrogen after the stretch…
Ppm meter and pH meter are a definite must have.
Your IN may remain constant but your OUT won’t unless it goes to zero, which it may be doing cuz the dosages are so low, so you have to adjust as you go. It’s difficult to burn a plant with organics unless you just get crazy.
I think bumping up your dosage amount (not frequency) will take care of your deficiencies as long as you’re at the right pH. :v:


@PurpNGold74 @Wildwest @Redeyedranger

What are your Nuts % / dosages / periods?

Btw, I’ve analyzed all the info I’ve got from you guys, and that’s what I got there due to your experience:



Seems she feels better slowly:

Big thanks! :green_heart:


That chart confused the stuffing out of me… but i only use fish emulsion 5-1-1 for vegging. Maybe a tablespoon or two of calmag for skits n giggles. N been hunting an organic flower nute like it. Think someone said they have bloom alaska fish ferts. Super simple n doesnt burn the girls. Also recently startd adding a tea spoon of Greenleaf all in one to the girls feedings.

I mix them all in a gallon jug n shake on n off 30-45 mins. Then water. Well i water lightly. Then feed. :joy: sorry couldnt be if more help.


@PurpNGold74 That’s how I feed water my plants. 3 months old, couple weeks into flower. If they look like they need something a splash of this that and what ever. They are a weed. My 1 AK 47 that I’ve just let grow el natural is already 6 feet tall. By the way I grow outside south Georgia. It’s a weed.


From what I understand your remedies look good :+1:
A TDS and PPM meter are one in the same. Measures both.
pH meter takes priority then TDS
Unless you can afford a light. Then its pH meter, light then TDS. Your gonna need more light for flower.


18’’—24’’ away from plants will not burn


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Hi there, farmers!

I try to keep Ph, watering less often, keep on feeding but it’s still yellowing. She looks like in tonicity now (better than before), but the yellowing is climbing…

I think I should give her more nuts, as my % are very low compared to the ones people use: Veg ( 5:2,5:3 ), Bloom ( 2,5:4:5 ). Like 4x times lower.

When she was like 2 times younger (even more) - I feeded her usually and she didn’t show any sign of toxicity in my opinion.
This is my schedule, I’m like totally confused whether I should raise my feeding rates in times as yellow thing is in progress. Can I be sure these are not signs of nuts toxicity?



Looks like a deficiency to me

Calmag possibly
You should be feeding in the 1500 ppm range at this stage
Have you tested the nutrient mix to see where your at
And your run of ph should be in the range of 6.3-6.8
Have you yest that ?
What size pot is that she in ?


No, I didn’t test the ppm, but looking forward to.
Ph runoff is about 6.5 - 7

She is in a 11L pot.

btw, all the pistils she had dried out…


Drew out? Dried?