New leaves of seedling are yellow with brown at the bottom (LED light burn?)


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Hi there guyz! :green_heart:

As the yellowing has stopped I can make some suggestions on the causes:

  • underwatering stress + using nuts when stressed
  • Mg deficiency maybe
  • don’t think it was PH, as I didn’t make it lower during Plant recovery

Today I watered with Coffee solution (mixed 50/50 with water | boiled in ~0.5L with 2-3 tsp of coffee) + 25% Bloom nuts + 1ml of Honey

  • PH of Coffee solution ~6 / Runoff ~6
  • She is too hungry on the 3rd day after last watering (today was the beginning of the 3rd day since last watering and it drunk 1L Coffee solution with no runoff; I waited for 1 hour and gave +1L of water (~7ph) = 200ml runoff with PH=6)
  • start using Honey (1ml / 1L) to try it instead of molasses, but hope to get molasses too.

The only thing I can’t get is - should I give her 12 hours of darkness (or maybe 2 days of 12 hours of darkness in a row) now?

  • stay 18/6 as before
  • switch to 12/12 for 1-2 days and go back to 18/6
  • switch to 12/12 for 1-2 days and rush into 20/4

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Appreciate your help much, thank you! :green_heart::hugs:

Here are some photos from another camera (so the colour is a lil different from past ones)


Wait im confused. Why the options to go back to 18/6 r 12/12?


The problem is I don’t get whether it’s auto or not as it took her too long to show sex, and they say plants can show sex in Veg also, so… in my case I don’t understand is she in a flowering stage now.

*if it’s auto and it’s flowering then I can stay 18/6 or even raise up to 20/4 to give more light for buds till the end of flowering and then last as 12/12 and 0/48
*If it’s auto and not flowering - I can go 12/12 to push her and then decide as in previous situation
*Photo / flowering - should go 12/12, right??? or like 13-11 Not to stress her and get Shemale))
*Photo / not flowering - also switch 12/12

I’m tight in space so I wanna her start flowering and give right amount of lite and in the same case not to stress her by dirty light cycles u know

So I’m a lil confused as well trying to keep a hand on and wait for first flowers - then I get it’s auto for shure and mb go give her extra lite or stat 18/6, don’t know yet )


Think u might be overthinking it a bit. I pickd stay on 18/6 because thats what i think ur doing now. She looks great. Just keep her green


Yeah, that’s it… absolutely right, I’m too much into what should I do))

It’s just first day I’m into PH understanding with my plant, seems out of yellow leaves, got sex completely and wonder whether she is flowering.

Can’t do anything but wait in 18/6 as before for first flowers or go 12/12. With so much attention to this Girl I should buy that seed :joy:


Suggest you consider how tall you want this Lady to get. It will double in size once it goes into flower.
Better to have a short plant than one so tall it’s touching the lights.
How much vertical space and how long you want it to go will decide when to go to 12/12d schedule.

PH n PPM meter sets are all over Amazon for $20

These two meters are essential (read as critical) to a healthy grow…:cowboy_hat_face::vulcan_salute::v:


Yeah, Seems I’ll use it :slight_smile:

I don’t want her more tall… she is big enough, I got no more space so I put the branches sideways by the support sticks and maybe even move towards SCROG technology.

I just need to be shure it’s flowering so I don’t waste time and put her 12/12 manually :slight_smile:


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Hi there fellows! :hugs::green_heart:

We were moved to a new growing spot at the age of 35 days (more tight space with more light added). Before that the growth was amazing with no problems seen at all.

Now we are 56 days old and got some problems with leaves:
• drooping (claws)
• yellowing
• crispy (yellow)
• plasmolysed
• maybe darken in colour (seems like got darker leaves then when was younger)
• some top leaves cupping like when heat stressed
• leaves were more Tuff & toned (tonicity), feeling spiky

• Showed SEX (female) but no flowers | “bag seed”
• Before topping upper leaves were 9-11 spikes / now usually 5-7

At the age of 45-50 days the Plant was also stressed by the underwatering – this is the point when I saw something is wrong.

I tried to normal my watering process, get into my PH understanding, read a ton of Manuals (deficiency, toxicity, watering, light, roots etc.) – but still can’t find the way out of this gap.

Looking forward for your help and experience! Thanks in advance! Much love

GIRL data:


  • Female (just a bag seed / maybe Auto)


11-L pot aired from the bottom, sides and inside (8 dental pipes used to get Air exchange to the center of the pot). The water runs off very fast, seems no drainage problem there.

Soil body (N: 150-350mg/L | P: 30mg/L | K: 250-400mg/L + microelements | PH = 5.5-6.5

  • highmoor/lowmoor peat
  • dolomitic meal
  • +drainage
  • 30% perlite
  • 15% river sand
  • +wood ash
  • +eggshell powder
  • mycorhiza bacteria
  • peat moss (cut and put in upper soil layers)

Space & Fan:

  • 30x30x90 Cm
  • 100mm Fan @ the top with ~ 90 m3/hour speed
  • Fresh air from window+
  • Temp (last 2 weeks) = 30C+ @ the top
  • Humidity (got no meter / My area humidity) = 70/80 – could be too dry last 2 weeks


LED bio lights
Give almost no heat, can be touched easily with a hand / used almost the entire grow:

  • 2x 10W bulbs (full + “red/blue”spectrum) ~ 700 lm each
  • 2x 18W blubs (full spectrum) ~ 1800 lm each [mounted sideways]

General LED lights (problem there maybe/ switched them off today morning)
Heat up very high as up to 40С degrees, not comfortable to be touched very hot at the bulb bottom:

  • 2x 20W bulbs (6500K) = 2000 lm each

WAS ~ 9000 lm / NOW ~ 5000 lm for 30x30 cm surface (I am sure 9000lm for 30x30cm is too much)

Watering / PH / Nuts:

When 35 days old – drunk like 0.5L until runoff

Now 56 days old – can drink up to 1.5-2L until runoff

In average I water almost every day: 1-1,5L/day (giving breaks sometimes when I see some signals).

  • 3 days Water PH = ~7 (always watered this PH and had no problems earlier)
  • Runoff PH = ~6-7
  • Last days I use coffee / lemon juice to make my water more acid

The yellow leaves I cut off were a lil crispy even when dooping (looked claw), so I suppose they had less water than needed these last weeks.

I don’t give her much Nuts, don’t think it’s a Nuts toxicity:

Started with Veg 25% when 21days old and use like 1time/3 days(week).

VEG (organic+mineral) 5:2,5:3

  • +: microelements, vitamins(B1, PP), humate and growth stimulator (amber acid)

  • They recommend: 2.5ml / 1L water (roots) 1.25ml / 1L water (foliage)
    Max level they say: 10 ml / 1L water

  • Period: once / week (veg); once / month (bloom)

Bloom (organic+mineral) 2,5:4:5

  • +: microelements

  • They recommend: 10ml / 1L water (roots)

  • Period: once / 10-15 days

What I’ve tried to do:

  • Use hypotonic solution (split watering into morning / evening with more hypotonic sol in evening)
  • Control pot getting dry (getting dry rather fast for 10L pot – seems I like it)
  • Ph seems to be <7 (Runoff= 6-7, water doesn’t smell)
  • Control main stem colour: green (earlier days) / purple (when uderwatering and heat stress days) / back into green (the last week)
  • Control nuts: should be no problems with Nitrogen & Phosphorus toxicity as I didn’t feed much and the plant is rather big these days / think it can need only more. Mg should be ok too, as there is an eggshell in soil + I’ve tried to give Mg by roots & foliage.
  • Heat control – took some of the lite today




3. 27 DAYS | TOP + LST






9. 58 DAYS | TODAY






  • Seems like Heat/Light burn
  • No

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I’m no pro but it looks to me like moisture stress and/or nute deficient (nitrogen/iron) new growth yellow first = iron. Nitrogen older leaves yellow first.
Heat/light stress may be to blame for the top few leaves? Unless they look like that all the way down. Then it may be potassium deficient (yellowing ends that start to die back at the tips ) but there is very little yellow so…
Red stems are normally genetic and nothing to worry about if everything is okay, but are also a symptom of deficiency from the pH being out of range or a lack of nitrogen or magnesium.
Hope that wasn’t too much unwanted info. :v:


I said moisture stress because over/under watering also causes yellow droopy leaves and I think you said you were watering everyday sometimes twice a day?
You may wanna let it dry out a little btwn waterings and water less often. 2-3 liters every other day?


I mean heat stress because it started to change to droopy & yellow after I’ve transfered it to a new box with +2 more rather hot led bulbs and tight space and right before yellowing it had 1L of water for the whole 3 days only.

I hope it’s not nitrogen deficiency, as it has planty of it in soil and I also give it with nuts. Bottom leaves - yellow first, but the tops are curly (some like a lil burnt at the edges).
There are also a lot of potassium (K) in the soil there, much more than N and P:

  • N: 150-350mg/L |
  • P: 30mg/L |
  • K: 250-400mg/L
  • +microelements |
    PH = 5.5-6.5

And I started giving her Bloom nuts with more P/K as well.

Maybe there is a phosphorus deficiency as my soil is poor with it , so I hope Bloom nuts help as well

Yes, I water in average like 1L / day. Sometimes 2 L / day and make a pause like 1 day or half.
Yo can see it in a schedule:


IDK? I don’t see any pH readings. Do you take one every time?
30 C isn’t that hot so I’m running out of ideas…


For the last week Runoff ph is like 6-7, mostly to 7.
I use acid water last 3 days = 6ph

Speaking about the heat: as earlier there were up to 5 bulbs (+2 sideways) the temp at the top space was up to 40 (30+ at the level of leaves), I mean the humidity that time could be very bad (i don’t measure it).
During stress time there were >115.000 lx (10700 lm) for 30x30 space.
Now it’s just 5700 lm (~60.000 lx):

Yo dont feel it can be phosphorus deficiency?


Im stumped. As u said looks to be multiple things. The taco’n curls n clawing are usually environmental. Heat/light stress n over/under watering as you both hintd at.
The yellowing bottom leaves did look as though she was hungry. Maybe the increase intensity of light made her eat more? Tds meter to check her eating habits would be golden.

Again there are loads of symptoms going on with her… you’d probably want to want for a better more experienced diagnosis better action. Sorry


Maybe this will help you…or confuse you more

cannabis phosphorus deficiency usually appears with some or all of the following symptoms:

  • usually affects the lower and older leaves of the plant
  • leaves darken (turning a dark green, blue or grayish color) and may appear shiny
  • leaves may start turning yellow if the phosphorus deficiency is left untreated, or if the deficiency is combined with other nutrients deficiencies and/or pH problems.
  • leaves get bronze, purple or brown spots and splotches
  • leaves thicken and may feel dry or stiff
  • stems sometimes turn bright red or purple, but not always

Phosphorus deficiencies in the vegetative stage usually appear at the bottom of the plant on some of the oldest leaves, and will progressively climb up the plant if left unchecked.


it’s very close to what I’ve got there…

They get like:
-Less glance
-Less fresh
-More matte
-lime 2 bronse (crispy in these areas)

But u know, She feels better i suppose after moving some light away.

Later on with a fresh pic!


Just checked Soil PH (took a peace from under the surface layers, moisten in distilled water for 10 min) = 7-8, Maybe ph problems…

I use acid water (coffee / lemon juice), but seems like it doesnt help. It’s not that easy to find sulphur in my region (


Ive heard sulphur isnt good at all for plants or the good microbes. Just dont like pH up n down?


Never used this thing, man. It’s also not that easy to find in my place, that’s why I didn’t use it yet.

Maybe should look towards these tools…


White vinager works well as a pH down…