New leaves of seedling are yellow with brown at the bottom (LED light burn?)


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Hi there! :raised_hands: :green_heart:
50 days old still in VEG (55cm high).

Cut 2 big Fan leaves which became yellow and 2 leaves at the bottom sprouts. Couldn’t water properly due to absence:

1L water
--------------------------------------------------------------3 days passed
1L water (+100% recommended nutes dose)
--------------------------------------------------------------2 days passed
0.5L water
--------------------------------------------------------------1 day passed
1L water (+200% recommended nutes dose)

Plan to switch to flowering after it recovers from yellow leaves problem.
What you thinks guyz? Can I help her something? Should I flower right now?

17 colas in total:

  • 3 main colas (2 of them bended)
  • 9 upper at one hight approx.
  • 6 lower

need to mention - the brown colour @ at the upper leaves is from lamp (bio “red”)


200% of feeding schedules is a very fast way to kill your Lady.

MFG’s put out feeding schedules, that have no idea of what you are growing. Lost too many trying to force the plants to fit the feeding schedule.


I usually give her 100% with 2-3 days break and it feels ok.

But since I think I’ve got “underwatering+nitrogen deficiency” - today morning I gave her 0.5L of water + 0.5L of nuts solution (1L of liquid in total) to check how she will recover.

And this evening I’ve added +0.5L of water again = 1.5L of liquid for today (there was a small runoff - 50ml max).

My MFG recommends (100%) to add 1ml of nuts - 0.5L of water (with the max dosage = 5ml of nuts - 0.5L of water).


If her tips dont burn feed her. Make sure u water to runoff. N a tds meter would help. But if you can ‘feel’ her. Grow away. And she looks ready to flip whenever you are. Those 9 medium may can stretch to tops when you flip if you train the upper 3 sideways. But she looks great


Thanks for the gold reply! I feel the same way…
Tomorrow shall give her 100% of nuts and look what happens.
The only way I got is to move those 3 sideways, and seems like it will work.

Big up, my friend!

Ps: do lime or lime/yellow leaves usually recover?


Uhh probably not. If its lower on the plant it may just have exhausted its usefulness. They shed a few leaves slowly here n there


I know its a pain, but in “Most” situations where you have an issue and are unsure the cause, you can resort to a flushing and finish with a dose of feed water / nutes.
Going from what I can see in the pictures, ( and please remember, I am no expert, just offering thoughts )
You are probably right about the light damaged leaves. If they are as brown and dead as they look in the pic you can remove them. If they are that far gone, they will not recover, but the plant will loose light from the shade of the dead leaves ( the burnt looking area at the top)
The yellowing leaves in the mid height Kind of ( to me ) look like what happens during a stressed point in the plants life. When those leaves unfolded were they healthy color and shape? if so, something happened at that time in the plants life, and they are the result,/ over trimmed? over or under watered? something happened at that point as they actually go all the way across the plant. But… the leaves above that point look like the plant recovered from whatever the cause was. I would give more veg time so the plant can put out more growth above to make up for what will be missing from the middle (does that make sense?..) I don’t see serious necrosis in the yellowed leaves so that leads me back to a point of stress… but you will loose those leaves. And when most of the green is gone from them, if they need removed to allow light to lower areas, do it.
Keep in mind, when growing photo’s instead of auto’s, if an area of the plant is lost from a stressed time, or other issue, you can veg to grow a bit bigger and make up for the earlier loss just have a bigger plant.
On my screen, it looks like you may have more yellowing starting in the lower leaves also. Add this to the above and I start thinking nute deficiency. I would NOT just go in and feed. I would flush first, just incase, then finish the flush with proper mix of nutes.
I am only offering these thoughts because you tagged me in. Please keep in mind that while I would like to be helpful, there are most everyone here has way more experience in this than I do. I am a beginner also. Only on my third serious grow.
Sum it up, you can consider what I replied here, but DO NOT run in and follow these guesses, wait for a more experienced grower to respond
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Thanks for your wide input, my friend!

The brown colour at the top right side colas is from red bio light (they are completely green).
There were only big lower fan leaves completely yellow and some lower sprouts’ fan leaves a lil lime.

I completely agree with you to stop feeding and only water the plant.
The yellowing seemed liked stopped and do not progress (but still not sure).
I gave her “Mg” yesterday to the roots while watering and by foliage and this morning sprayed the foliage again (the colour of leaves is very common to Mg deficiency).

From now on I just water not using nuts and check what happens.

It was stressed very hard ~ 4-5 days ago by underwatering, so I hope thats it.
I’ll post some new pictures for your analysis guys, mb that will help.

Thanks once again, it’s my first grow, so your help is in big demand!




it looks like your plant is getting better.
Just keep in mind, you can veg a bit longer for a bigger plant to make up for the loss

I just read your watering schedule/table… hmmmm
at 0.5 liter per day does not seem like much, but it is for a plant that size. Maybe consider cutting back on that to each other day? See if she perks up a bit more?
On mine, when it gets more mature/bigger I water about 3 times per week, and one of those will be a feeding.
It seems like these plants don’t like wet dirt, just moist. Barely moist. If you want, put a wooden stick, like a wooden dowel. Long enough that it reaches the bottom of the pot. Every day or other day pull the stick up and look at it. Does it have moisture on it? If so, then your dirt probably has plenty of moisture in it. Is it nearly dry? Add water. That stick, when you pull it up should be dry the top few inches, then slightly moist in the middle, and maybe wet at the bottom, that should be close. Just try and use the same hole in the dirt to return the stick so you don’t damage any roots.
Again, keep in mind to look for more information from other experienced people here.
I would hate to give you any advice that is not helpful, so take what I write as something to consider, just dont run in and follow it, I might be wrong…


you know, earlier I gave her 0.5 L (30-35 days old) with a 0.1L runoff, but now she drinks about a 1L with the same runoff like 0.1L


Do you always water til run-off?


Not always, didn’t do so in the early days.
But nowadays I water slowly till the runoff is there - then I stop.
For about 5-10 min the water still runoff as to be ~10%.

I suppose I water too often even there is a good drainage.
I used to water almost every day for the last time (except of the last underwatering stress time), but now I wanna switch to 1 / 2days. Maybe even 1/3.

That’s what I found interesting surfing web and I wonder what “use less water period” stands for? Water more often or less often?:

Remember we are dealing with a WEED! Most of us old timers started growing in the back yard, with only fish emulsion added once or twice during entire season. Now, Hydroponics and Fox Farms have complicated and confused what used to be so simple. Here are some back to basics tips: 1. Use less water, period. 2. If your car shows spots, add Apple Cider vinegar to your water, 1 tsp./gal. every other day, re-check pH. 3. If you live in a rainy climate, your soil will be acidic. Arid? Alkaline. 4. If your pH is less than 7, but greater than 5, go watch T.V.
PS: Best nutrients? all Earth Juice products, about 1 cap full per gallon, plus molasses, about twice a week. Use only growth for Veg, Blooms for flower, of course.


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Hi there fellows! :green_heart:
It’s 2 days since first real preflowers :+1::+1::+1: and they are getting bigger so I’m waiting the right time to switch to Flowering.

Today I’ve made the last preparations:

  • Suppercropped central main cola (homemade honey used to cover the wounds / covered with bandage) and bended it
  • Bended two more main colas (also covered the stems with honey and bandage)
  • Bended almost all of the sprouts / tied them up to the support sticks
  • Lollypopped a lil of leaves (3 big + 10 small) not to shade the sprouts

How long should I wait for plant to recover before switching into flowering?

  • The next watering is tomorrow and I plan to use Coffee leftover to low ph a lil, does someone got experience on how to use it?

Big thanks in advance tho! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


So i believe u say they should be autos at the beginning. I think pistils without the 12/12 flip confirmed this thought. You may not have to actually flip them but plenty of growers do anyway. A few run autos from seed on 12/12 no problem. So its completely your call on when or if to do so. Congrats.


Thanks my man!
I was said that it’s an auto, but didn’t know for shure…
Anyway it took long way (54 days from sprout) to show pistils (stigmas) or how they call these white curly hairs.


Was worried u were watchin stipules. But i think i spy a few pistils


Yeah, pistils appeared :slight_smile:
Stipules started to show long ago

Appreciate that you so much into my case! :wink:


I’ve used coffee before. Works great to lower pH and gives a caffeine kick. I used fresh coffee in distilled water until I reached desired pH. It doesn’t take much. Start @ a teaspoon per gallon and check to see if you need more. Hope this helps :v:


Pretty good bet that 60+ days and just showing pistils(the little white hairs of a female seed pod) that it is a regular photo instead of a auto. Looking really green and glossy. Should be a wonderful experience.
Thank you for sharing. Please keep us updated.


I’ve always heard 3-4 days but whatever the amount of time you really want your plant to be problem free entering flower and the healthier you can keep the plant throughout flower obviously the higher the yield.