New leaves of seedling are yellow with brown at the bottom (LED light burn?)


Most opinions indicate Auto’s will not do their best topped. BUT…since you already have, once more probably would not make any difference.
AND…what it does after two toppings would be most interesting.
Please keep us updated.


I recently saw a grow being finished. With 2 sets of twiced topped autos. His haul was amazing. Wish i rememberd who but there are soooo many grows around :joy::joy: but the 8 ginormous main colas definitely opened my eyes. Think im going to top one of my kushes a couple times now.


If you decide to top your autos I recommend you top them when they have three sets of true leaves around week two or theee normally
I personally top mine once only
When i top them
I have a few wwa now that arent topped they are 4 1/2 -5 foot tall indoors
And i have two super skunk autos that are topped at half that size all are doing fantastic
So i say give it a try @PurpNGold74
Maybe do one and not the other compare how they grow


They are all photos. My autos im horrified to chop. One died without my encouragement.


Top those photos then @PurpNGold74 lol


Did one a few days ago. Plan on mainlining her. May top the other since they are so young


@Countryboyjvd1971-----did I read right? Are you topping Autos? If so how are the results?


@Countryboyjvd1971 @PurpNGold74 @tanlover442
Thanks for assist guyz!

I’ll check how she develops these days and make up my mind on this topping issue.

What about the fan leaves growing on the main stem? Are they more usefull for the plant than the fan leaves on the side branches (or only the size matters)?

Should I cut the lower big ones to put all the energy to the upper sticks? How to find the balance between colas & fan leaves?

Before this i cut only first and second node fan leaves to give the energy to new sticks after Fim.
And a bit later cut those which shaded new sprouts, so doing it very carefully not to spoil the story)

Right for now I dont see any direct reason to lollypop it except of lower fan leaves (under lst) staying at the very bottom of the pot. Are they ok, or should I remove them somewhen?
2 bottom fan leaves got thick sticks and the other 2 are much more thin.

Thanks in advance for all your recommendations going into profit I feel it! :green_heart::open_hands:t3:


I wouldnt do any pruning right now
Think of your fan leaves as solar panels fir the plant
They receive the light and convert it for the plants use
Pruning later in veg is ok tho

Heres a good thread by one of our Moderators

Taking a look a some of the videos he has posted will give you a better idea of how plants work


Yes @tanlover442 i do top autos
One :point_up: time around week two or three depending on how fast the growth rate is
I top when i have three sets of fan leaves

Heres a super skunk i have hoing now I topped
Not the best picture and mu flower room is a bit crowded
Ill try to get a stand alone for you tonight


@Countryboyjvd1971-----thanks for that information. I learned something new.
No need to move your Ladies around. I know how it will look. Just din know it was doable.


Lookin good ! Keep it going and you will be very happy. :us: :man_farmer:


@PurpNGold74 @Countryboyjvd1971 @TxGrowman

Hi there, fellows! :green_heart:

What should I say, due to the facts that the flowering time is comming soon (we are 29 days tomorrow), and space issues as well - I decided to Top her.
Still don’t know whether it is Female :couple: or not, but tasted fan leaves after Fim operation cut off 4 days ago (let em dry and 1 day in refrigerator) and got stoned for several hours as a shit :top: (didnt’ smoke for several days…), so it might be the Girl, my sugar Queen Bee :rofl:
I also cleaned 1st fan leaves and it’s sprouts @ the1st node as they got totally shaded and plan to top 1st, 2nd and 3rd nodes tomorrow as they got 3-4 fan leaves sets already and got massive sticks.

LST: 1st, 2nd, 3rd node’s colas & 6th node’ fan leaves.

Nutrients: we are on pause now, but the next day shall reach first time 100% of recommended Veg. nuts dosage.



Queen Bee

Nuts and bolts

Top 1st, 2nd & 3rd nodes tomorrow (next day after main cola topping)?

  • Yes, hurry up before flowers
  • Nuh, give her a break

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FIMed right (5th node / 17 d.o.)?

How old is she? And you think another month of veg? If so dont top just train. Imo


She is 28 days from sprout and it can be Auto (not shure, got seed as a gift). So it’s an option that there is almost no time left before flowering period.
Btw, the plant still didn’t show it’s gender.


Well in my (not so expert if i may add) opinion you training is going well. If you have more seeds and are comfortable with it… its you grow. Not sure topping the shoots would help an auto. But if its not it would probably increase your yield a TON at the expense of an extended veg time. So if you have saw… 4-5 more weeks of veg time itll help.


Decided not to Top the shoots, but cut off the fan leaves (1st-2nd sets) of 1st-3rd node’s shoots as they shaded each other and I need them to progress.

Later on, Folks :green_heart::open_hands:t3:


@PurpNGold74 @TxGrowman @Countryboyjvd1971 @tanlover442 @MindlessCorpse @Noctis420 @Blasting @Redeyedranger

Yo, Farmers! :raised_hands: :green_heart:

We are 37 days from sprout now on and as we moved to a new box, we had to do something with our size :smiley:

So we are into:

  • Agressive Lollypopping / Supercropping and planning new LST scheme (took off 50+ fan leaves for last 2 days);
  • We drink more than 1L per day;
  • After topping we got 3 main colas, so again I didn’t manage to make right (like with fim) but it’s a positive mistake :rofl:
  • It seems there are some smaaaal dots appearing on site, I hope they are future pre-flowers, keep on checking… later on!
  • Today I gave her first dosage of Bloom nuts and started from 100% directly (earlier I gave her Veg. nuts like 1/4, 1/2, 1 with ~3 days break between).

I plan to create a new LST scheme, so your advices in this regard would be highly appreciated!
Need it to be connected with the pot directly I suppose for the option to take it out for maintenance…

Before Lollypopping & Supercropping:


3 main Colas after wrong topping

See u later!


FIM looks good. Sometimes you only get 3 but it’s better than 2 :grinning:
Supercrop also looks good. Should slow and give u a big knuckle :muscle:


look’s like you have it going on. Nice Lollipopping.
That is something I want to try here. I appreciate your posting so I can learn,