New leaves of seedling are yellow with brown at the bottom (LED light burn?)


Hi fellows!

Got some problems probably with my Girl, please be so kind to give some tips on the issue. Suppose I’ve got a LED light burn.

Girl data:

  • 14 days old (should be Auto but not sure)
  • 11 L pot (with air injection holes all around; moved from a smaller pot when she was 10 d.o. and got bigger for the last days even it was stressed by transplanting)
  • grown in soil (highmoor/lowmoor peat, dolomitic meal, +drainage, +20%perlite, +15% river sand, +wood ash, +eggshell powder)
  • 2 LED bulbs 18/6: 10W phyto (with full light spectrum + red + blue respectively) and 17W 6500K
  • Light hight: about 1 foot (~25 cm) / I can feel a lil heat from bulbs only taking my hand really close to them (3-5 cm) /
  • Fresh Air from window + fan, so the climate is usually 20-25 deg.C and 50-80 % of humidity
  • watering not to often (once in 2 days approx. with spoon)
  • fertilizers: couple of times feeded her with homemade liquid extract from wood ash & banana skin adding 10-20% to the water

Question: I read that even the LED lights should be 2 foot + above the plant, so I suppose it’s the burn. Not the heat burn but the light burn. Right for now, I’ve turned 17W bulb off, left the 10W full spectrum phyto one. Please be so kind to help, the photos are enclosed fyi. Thanks in advance!

Nuts or watering problem? (need help)

Not light burn
New growth will always be lighter and will green up in a day or so once exposed to the air
You should get a small fan moving a little Air across the plant that will help streagthen the stem


Thank you for the prompt reply, dude! Got a headache since morning…

Could you please inform whether at this stage I should also add the second “17W 6500K LED” bulb for this small Girl or its enough using “10W phyto (with full light spectrum + red + blue respectively)” @ this stage?
And also, what hight of these lights should be nowadays for her?

For me it seems like 25-30 cm is ok as it were growing even during 2 stressful days after transplanting.

Thanks in advance!


I think she is a little too young for nutes just yet. The wood ash will give you massive ph issues so stop using it from now on. The plant is in a reasonable size pot so it should not need to be watered very often. Also your soil should have more than enough nutrients in it already so it should support the seedling for a little while without you needing to add anything . Give the plant some time to dry out a bit and when it needs a drink ,give it ph 6.5 water only around the edges of the pot so that the roots seek out the water and start to grow. I am no expert on led lighting but I dont think the lights you have will sustain lush growth for too long.


@mountainman1 has given grest advice and you can add more light now if you wanted
I normally switch from a small t5 set up to a 300 watt led 24-48 hours after mine pop


Thank you guyz! I got it :slight_smile: U made my day!

Speaking about the pot size - thats right, its too big. As I am doing this for my first time, I wanted to provide transplantation with less stress to the roots, so decided to make it while the baby is that young to take a small amount of sand with it’s roots not to damage them.
But I’ve read the articles on this website regarding “big pots - small babies - and overwatering”. Thanks for bringing my attention to this point once again!


Its all good , I think you will be sweet, just a little bit too much love and its totally understandable we have all been guilty before. Good luck with your grow and dont hesitate to give a shout if you need anything.


I think those two bulbs wpuld be just fine. I have 3 on my babies. Around the same wattage. N they love it


Wow, she looks so fresh and beautiful :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks. She actually came out a bag of kush. My ‘paid’ for seeds arent running like them :joy:


I support seedlings with a pipe cleaner loosely looped around the stem and stuck in the soil.


Welcome to ILGM. There is a lot of good growers here to give you help.

The way the plant seems to be stretching, the light may be too far away from the leaves. I use my hand back at the level of the upper leaves to see if it is comfortable for me, I will not worry about the plant getting too much heat.

Someone mentioned the fan moving the air. It should only make the leaves shiver not bend when it is this young. Later as they get stronger you can increase the air current on them.

Except for the long shaft, that plant looks like it is doing well. Good luck on your grow. I’ll be checking on your grow as you go. Jerry :us: :man_farmer:


Nice trick which is pretty simple btw


Thanks for the kind reply!

Ill keep in touch on the progress :slight_smile:

The day after leaves moved towards regular green colour and became twice as big as it seemed to me being stoned by the way she grown so far, moving my pains away… Ill enclose the photos later.

Stretching seems to be, I think its due to her first days low lighting.
First 2 days she had 2x ~7W 2700k bulbs with no direct light, only reflected from the circular homemade reflector cover and the one from above all made from foil paper. She even started to move towards the sun after I opened the window louvres once, so I gave some sun light to her having no right bulbs.
During the 3rd day I’ve switched her to the 10w phyto bulb with full spectrum reflected only as well, with no direct light.
Only several days after I’ve managed to point 2 bulbs directly on her (10w phyto full spectrum and 17w 6700k) with the same reflector (u can see it on early pics).

And she was stretching up only during that time.
Since the last light changes it started to makes new nods and bigger leaves without growing to the sky.
Hope this is not a big problem as I see it for now and the stem holds the head on his own already after transplanting. MB I try to move the light lower and check what happens. But it seems it’s enough for her at this stage as she’s too rare and doesn’t shade herself. Btw I dont think it will make more light power if I move the bulbs lower in my set. Ill make some tests.

The air seems good as there is the circular foil cover standing on the pot with some space at the bottom for air injection so the bud even doesnt move a muscle being in a fresh air and warm conditions there (I use R=15cm fan at the other side of the room near the opened window).
I will change the location soon, the plant will move to the separate room with no air stream across it, only with the option to open the room door - is there any reason to put the fan inside that room to make some inner air streams with no air access from outside?
Later I plan to put a small notebok fan directly on her, think it would be enough for 1 plant.

I’ve got a question regarding Flowering control of the Auto plant in case we make its Grow and Form control by different techs as topping, fimming or supercroping etc.
When we are starting to make the concept of future plant (5-6 nodes grown) how can we be sure it won’t flower till it’s ready to meet our design and is still too small?
I mean we are stressing it by each touch of “grow & form control” which slowers growth taking more time required. How do we control the flowering stage start for Auto plants in this regard and make her stay Vega? By feeding her with nutrients for the vega stage and switching to flower ones when ready?
I’ve read some people still use vega nutrients at 4-6 weeks of pre flower stage to continue “vega” growth and switch to flower ones when it’s growth is already not that big.
I still doesn’t get how it works as well as what to be focused on: plant desing or time left before flowering of auto girl…
How to make her stay vega for longer period of time and what it depends on? :slight_smile:
Thanks for your input, dudes / I found a piece of mind I’m not alone in this case ))


If you are running Auto Flower plants only, they will determine when they will flower. All you do is keep the lights on 18/6 (18 hours light on, 6 hours dark). They will grow and do everything for you. All you have to do is maintain their temp and humidity.

Auto plants can be topped but mostly it is recommended to do LST on auto’s. Some have had great success with topping autos.

The photo-period species (regular and fem plants) can have the extended vegetative time by keeping the lights on 18/6. When you want to change to flowering, you switch the lights to 12/12 and change the nutes to flowering slowly over a week or two.

Hope this helps. :us: :man_farmer:


I’m pretty sure you can bury some of that stem to make it shorter and more stable :wink:


Big shout from Queen Bee :raised_hands:

We got 4 nodes so far, so I decided to FIM her :slight_smile:



@Countryboyjvd1971 @mountainman1 @PurpNGold74 @TxGrowman @tanlover442 @Noctis420

Here are some news for you guyz in case of interest. Mentioning you as you kindly helped me in olden times :green_heart:

We are:

  • 25 days from sprout
  • 6 “full” Nodes
  • 10 new spears in total (accidentally TOPped 1 of them after 1nod trying to tie it down)
  • top fan leaves = 7 spikes
  • FIMmed: once @ the age of 17 days
  • Lollypopping: 2 times: [19 d.o.] -2x1-leaves (1nod), -2x3-leaves (2nod) / [24 d.o.] -4x5-leaves (4nod left cut after the FIM)
  • Veg. nuts + (second time for the last 5 days as 25% and 50% of recommended / N:P:K - 5:2.5:3 + microelements + Humate)
  • 11L air injected pot
  • Soil (highmoor/lowmoor peat, dolomitic meal, +drainage, +20%perlite, +15% river sand, +wood ash, +eggshell powder)
    4xLED bulbs 18/6: 10W-bio(full spectrum), 9W-bio(red+blue), 2x18W-bio (full spectrum)

I am not sure what seed it is, but the one who gave it told it’s Autoflower.
What you think guyz, should I FIM or TOP it once again (I would like to :roll_eyes:)?

Before Lollypopping


After Lollypopping


After Lollypopping (stem)


She looks healthy and happy :smiley:
Nice job
Most auto strains will start to flower around 30-40 day mark and you dont want to be stressing them when they start to flower
Since your already lst training her I personally wouldn’t top or fim her again if shes a auto
If its not a auto another topping wouldn’t hurt if your trying to keep the hieght lower and plant bushy


Exactly what CB said. Most people (me included) wont cut an auto. But you started early on a vigorous grower so it worked. Now i vote just bring out the handcuffs n rope and tie her down :smiling_imp::joy: