New Leaf Wilting

Hi everyone. First time grower here. Sorry in advance for any dumb questions.

I am experiencing a problem with several of my leafs wilting, just days after the flower seed sprouted and the flower came out of the soil.

I am using the Starter-pack, which includes the Amenesia Haze, blueberry, and Northern Lights. A third of all of these strains started to wilt.

I am using a growbox and using a LED light. Honestly, I had some of these sitting at the window sill and they seem to do much better in natural light than the ones in the growbox. The ones doing in natural light are fine.

However, about 1/3 of the ones in the growbox started to wilt. I was thinking that I did not have enough water, but by digging into the soil, they seem to be just fine. What do you think is the problem and what should I do?

I am attaching two pictures. One of them shows the in the grow box and the others are pics of them being wilted.

Thanks in advance.

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Your soil looks EXTREMELY wet. The seedling will get most of their water from the air for the first week or so.

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I just sprayed the soil before the pic was taken. They are very dry once they get into the grow box.

What kind of light is that? What brand and size?

Instead of spraying the soil I would suggest a dome to keep the moisture levels higher for seedlings. And as far as the seedlings that have fallen over, you can put a stick beside it and tie it up(loosely) to support it.

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Also at this point i would repot. Bury the stem as much as possible & the dome works well.
And welcome to the forum!!!

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