New larger grow room almost complete!

I got a stiffy looking at the room. Love walk around idea

I’ve contemplated extending the brackets that hold the lighting closer to the wall making it easier to walk on one side but that will reduce my PAR lighting footprint so I’ll deal with the inconvenience for better lighting.

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Yeah that what I want to be able to do also… gonna have to build or something close to that and convert it. Fabulous space bro!!!

Just figured I’d post an updated picture of the girls in the new grow room. They might not be too happy cause lots of LST, topping, and defoliation.


Love the grow room. I really like the purple leaves. One day I’ll have one like that. Btw can autos hermie?

I’ve heard they can from stress. Never happened to me but only have about 1.5 years experience with them.

@VTGROW I wasn’t sure.

I’m pretty aggressive with mine and only stunted a few.


Here is an updated pic of what’s going on in there now. Girls might look a little sad cause I’ve taken a number of clones off them lately.


Love that grow room. Is that the Purple Haze?

That’s a Blackberry auto


That’s a sick room! VT as in Vermont? If you don’t mind me asking.

Outmuthafrigginawesome :+1: :tumbler_glass: :v:

Just a few updates pics as promised in the other thread.


Beautiful. Is the purple one the BlackBerry?

Yup yup

I grew a couple before too. Love them! The smell is unbelievable.

I had my one and only purple strain couple of yrs ago I dont know what it was but it had the best smell and taste. Loved it first and only time I’ve ever seen purple weed.

Almost every strain I have growing here on out will be purple.

Only one in my room now will not turn out purple.