New larger grow room almost complete!

Well I’ve been working on this room for quite a while right in the middle of a grow. The biggest reason it took me so long was that I was waiting for new equipment, such as lights and controller.

The controller finally came in so it’s basically finished except I need to run it outside the door where the infinity controller is. The Optic controller only came with a 6 foot cord to it, so I grabbed a longer one from the store that unfortunately did not work.

Guess I’ll be finishing this on another day, but I’ll post some pictures now since I’m basically done. Already I notice heat is much more controllable with these lights. I’m also loving all the extra space.

Hoping to concentrate on honing my skills once I have all the environmental factors under control. Plus I’m lucky to have all this free time considering I’ve been home for a few weeks cause of Covid 19. Gotta look on the bright side.

Happy growing!


Looks great

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Awesome. Outmuthafugginstanding. Ain’t it a biotch to attempt something like that in the middle of a grow. Looking good my friend :+1: :tumbler_glass: :v:


Sweet grow space! Awesome light setup!

Very impressive!!

dang! bow to you

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A little home grow space for personal consumption. Lordy! Well done


Out standing :wink:

That is an awesome setup!!! If you don’t mind, how much did that set you back and what size it that room???

I keep saying, I need a roll of mylar and a staple gun :+1: :clinking_glasses: :v:

That s**t is the bomb, seriously!!! You can’t even tear it.

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Btw, wait till you see the next veg and mother room I build. Lol

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I can’t wait :+1: :tumbler_glass: :v:

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Looks great good luck with the grow

Welcome to the club!
Happy growing!

I’m about 1/2 finished with my new rdwc . I will be using 4- 315 cmh over 4 pots under scrog . This is not my 1st grow but 1st with cmh.

Great job ! It’s going to turn out a lot of nice plants.

Set to watching. Damn that’s a nice set up. Looks like a lab

The reflective wrap was the cheapest at a little over $100. The lights together with controller were about $2500. Then the ac infinity 6 inch fan with controller is around $150 if I remember correctly since I’ve had it for over a year. The room is 11x7x8
I wanted to be able to walk around in a room with my plants.


Feel free to send pics of your girls and setup. Within the next year I’d like to try my hand at hydro.