New kids on the Block, Clones 3rd Generation

So far 46 out of 62 and look’n real good there very well could be more I will be checking later.
But here they are in dirt and under 300w cfl @ 4600 lumes


Very nive job. Hey! Where did you get my 3" pots, LOL Good job. Happy Growing.

Very nice, that’s what I am going for right now.

You left them to close to the road…lol

Home Depot



What method are you using for propagation for your clones?

I take one gal water and add 1/4 tsp super Thrive 1/4 tsp Hydrogen Peroxide
and 1/4 tsp Root stimulator
I then soak my rock wool for about 1/2 hr. in my mix
I then make my cuts and put them in there also Now I use powder not jell Now after I have placed them in the rock wool I place them in their new home. It’s 18x24x6 i’ll spray the inside of the top 3 - 5 times a day a day along with the plants and in 6 days I got roots

Sorry Russ1 I fell asleep twice lol