New journal first grow!

Nitrogen most definitely. Is this inside or outside?


@Bulldognuts ok any recommendations for low N? Yes the 2nd and 3rd pics r in diff growing mediums. They r in FF Happy Frog. Last pic is a clone of wedding cake in the coco coir perlite mix

@Covertgrower any recommendations for raising N? This is outdoor

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Have any grow big by FF?
I recommend following this schedule:


@Covertgrower yes I’m using the trio of FF
Grow big, big bloom, and tiger bloom. Thank you!!

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Are you giving 5.9 pH to the ones in the soil too?

You need to treat the two in coco different than the two in happy frog.
Coco PH target about 5.8PH and needs fed regularly
A quick way to feed N is piss in a cup dilute 10:1 and water the coco girls. I don’t use those nutrients so someone else may be better to help.
The 2 in happy frog shouldn’t need any nutrients for 4 or more weeks and target PH at 6.5
Again your growing in 2 different mediums and you need to treat them differently.


Thx @Skydiver I am treating the HF and coco coir differently. I am at 6.5pH for the HF and around 5.9-6.0 for the coco

@ahuff774 no around 6.5pH

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(Big) Update ! So originally started out with 10 plants. Unfortunately 2 clones weren’t even rooted yet :cry: The good thing is that the grower is gonna give me 2 more that r healthy :call_me_hand:t4: I’m gonna be getting those next weekend so I’ll post then.

@Covertgrower @Bulldognuts @ahuff774 @Chu666cky @Enlightened420

Day 50 :flushed: I counted from when I put the germinated seed into the soil. She started out so well but hit a major growth spurt. I think it was due to the Nitrogen deficiency. I bumped up the feed. This is after one feed from the new recipe. She’s starting to show a lot more greener growth. Or is it not up to par yet?

Day 50 for this girl too. Same story as the first plant.

Day 38 (From purchase from the shop) this is the wedding cake clone. I decided to make this one an experiment. I’m gonna train her into a cannabonsai! So hopefully it turns out well haha. She was suffering from the same nitrogen problem as the 2 plants above. Looking ok?

Day 21 (From purchase from grower) this is the critical clone. The last survivor out of the 3 clones :cry: but her sisters r coming next weekend! She’s been going thru a rough patch too. She was wilting :wilted_flower: so I did my best I could w the humidity dome. Eventually she started to sprout nice healthy roots, pretty big too. I transplanted her to a 2gal fabric pot w some FFHF and added some myco Jordan Mycorrhizae :crossed_fingers:t4:

Day 16 for this beautiful white widow af thanks to ILGM. I believe shes looking okay? Plan on giving her more water during her watering days in about a week in a half or so. And then gonna start adding nutes by week 4-5.

Day 16 for the other WWAF and day 21 for the bag seed seedlings. Idk what day the little seedlings in the can r. Those r lavender seedlings! The seedlings in the red solo cup were in coco coir to begin w but I noticed they stopped growing. So I decided to make a quick transition to FFHF and threw a lil mycorrhizae in there. There def starting to show signs of growth. I think haha.

For some reason I’m starting to find that growing in FFHF is easier for me. Pls let me know if I’m doing anything wrong! Or other tips you guys/gals would be doing at these stages. I know some plants r way behind schedule haha. But first time grow. I think I’m starting to get the hang of it. Plus you guys r tremendous! Thanks :sunglasses: :kissing: :dash: :call_me_hand:t4:


All top growth looks good.


Update ! Got the replacement clones too! They’ve rooted nicely. They are a candy jack and pineapple crunch. I am noticing a little clawing of the leaves from the pineapple chunk? I’ve also added 2 GG4 Autoflowers and have a bubba kush germing rn! One GG4 is in a .5gal and the other in a 5gal pot @Covertgrower @Bulldognuts @Chu666cky

The candy jack :lollipop: Is on the left and the pineapple chunk is on the right :pineapple: with the GGF AF in the back — little side project/experiment

Here are the girls. Have been doing well after I put them outdoors.



Yesterday was week 4 for the autoflowers. Gonna start giving them tiger bloom after another week of so bc im growing in happy frog. Good time to start LST? Left to right: wedding cake clone, bag seed #1, critical clone, bag seed #2. Really happy about the critical clone. She’s been thru allooootttt and looking like she’s gonna be ok :crossed_fingers:t4:

Here is the GG4 auto in the 5gal, another critical clone on the right in the gg4 pot, pineapple chunk clone next to her, on the right is another gg4 in a .5gal pot — small gift experiment, and finally 2 more bag seeds in the solo cups.

A homie of mine Gave me some bubba kush and couple more gg4 autos and they’re germing rn!

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