New journal first grow!

What’s good everybody! What not a better way to pass these crazy times than to grow some kush :sunglasses: Its my first time growing so I would appreciate some feedback! Much love always :call_me_hand:t4: I will post pics along the way of course, but I’ll start out with how they are right now! Plan is to grow outdoors, but starting indoors under some fluorescent lights. I have diy domes for the little ones and clones but took them off for the first pic. Good luck to everyone else too!

Fabric pots: ILGM White Widow AF
Pot in middle: Wedding cake clone
Pot with thermometer: bag seed
Front pot: bag seed
3 est clones from left to right: blueberry, critical cure, candy jack
2 solo cups: 2 bag seeds

*This pic was taken yesterday 5/17


Hey man I believe we have crossed paths on posts before . I respect the ambition with starting off with that many on the first grow. Wish you luck and bountiful harvest.

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Def remember , u were the first person to reach out @SKORPION thank you! Def gonna keep this thread updated

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Definitely keep the updates current , people on here are so knowledgeable they can spot issues and advise on remedy that you never noticed you had

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Set to watch!

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Left to right: 2 bag seeds in solo cups, candy jack clone in blue tub, big pot wedding cake clone, critical cure clone, and blueberry clone on right. Update !

These r my other bag seeds. It was gloomy and rainy yesterday so kept them under the fluorescents but back out to the sun today!

The white widow AF r making their way thru!

Make shift outdoor set up

2 bag seeds looking good (or starting to stretch too much?)

Wedding cake clone

Candy jack clone, critical clone, blueberry clone.

**Had a question regarding the yellowing/browning on the top of the blueberry clone. Thanks guys!
These pics were all taken today.

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@Enlightened420 @Chu666cky @Growyourown @Oldguy
I noticed some yellowing going on. Is this a deficiency? Or do I need to up the nutes during feeding? Thanks y’all!


Some lighter nutes wouldn’t hurt.
She’s startin to look a bit hungry. :+1::v:

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Update! @Oldguy @Enlightened420 @Chu666cky @Growyourown
I noticed some yellowing and damage of the lower leaves

She seems to be doing alright. (I hope haha)

This wedding cake clone doesn’t seem to be doing that well :cry: idk what happened to the coloring of her leaves. They are starting to droop and brown on the tips.

These white widow autos and bag seeds r doing really well!

RIP to the blueberry clone. Found out she didn’t even have any Est roots. Got in touch with grower and he’s gonna give me another one :call_me_hand:t4:

Lastly, these 2 clones have started their outdoor hardening/transition stage

If anything looks off Par pls lmk! Thank you guys a bunch.

Most of your larger pots look a bit dry @Nickgrows. Have you been feeding nutes? Are they hungry? Did that wedding cake get the same treatment as other plants?

Hows your new growth looking now @Nickgrows?

Yea the clone has been getting same treatment except for when I first got her, kept her in the shade at first. Yea I am feeding nutes. I’m thinking I need to bump them up? I’ll post a pic later today along with the measurements of what I feed these girls. As for the soil looking dry, I’m using coco coir mixed with perlite. So the top is looking dry but I use a moisture meter and the finger test and still pretty moist underneath. I am gonna water them tomorrow followed by a feeding a few days after. I read that allowing the soil to dry forces the roots to find the water, causing them to get stronger. Is that wrong? Am I allowing it to dry too much? I am finding that I am watering about every 5-6 days bc the soil is still pretty moist down below. Sorry for all that haha

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Youare right bout the wet dry cycle jus dont letem get too dry. I dont see any nute burn so its not overfeeding mabe underfeeding i think. How often are you feeding? I feed twice and water once at half strength. Are you checking ph? The shade part i dunno i never grew outside @Nickgrows

It looks like they need some CalMag with some proper pH water to me… I’m also a first time grower, but mine were looking similar and that’s what it was


I agree with @ahuff774. Also check a deficiency chart and compare and see if you can find somthin else and come bak with what you think @Nickgrows

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This is from moments ago

As for the feeding I am using:
2ml silica, 3ml calmag (I also use 3ml of calmag for normal watering too), 2ml big bloom, 2ml grow big, and 5ml floranectar pH 5.9-6.0 — the runoff is the same

Ah dat last one lookin rough. If you did the same thing to that one as you did to the others im stumped i dont get it. @Bulldognuts @Enlightened420 any ideas?

What is your grow medium. If soil, what kind of soil.

@Bulldognuts coco coir w perlite pH 5.9-6.0

First pic looks like a nitrogen deficiencies. Second and third pic look relatively healthy. I also notice that that the medium looks different. Possibly wetter. Fourth pic looks like it’s heading in the same direction as first. The last pic hard to know what’s happening. I’m going to tag a couple of people that are good with diagnosis. Hopefully they can help. @Covertgrower @Skydiver