New Journal 4th, roots Organic and jacks321

I’m going to have to come up with something as well. One plant is nearly 5’ tall and she’s starting to lean.


I’d say “you” got serious! You have raised a monster!

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Thanks calizona.

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I find this

1st pict is last grow WWE at similar age of current grow 2nd pict. Sugar bomb punch.


Update: shes just stacking buds. Do you think I should do more trimming?? Hows she look??


Looks great! As long as all the buttons are getting light, it doesn’t look like she needs a haircut

Getting light to all above net fairly naky under net.

She’s looking amazing! You can take some of the larger fan leaves. Not necessarily for more light exposure but for better airflow.


I think I’ve got the airflow covered as there is forced air intake bottom 4 inch left blowing up her skirt and an 6 inch oscillator fan across canopy and one up top cooling the light. Plus the infinity 6" exhust fan. I think I could fly a kite in there LOL


I think I let it veg a little to long as it filled the net before she even went into her stretch but I’m thinking she will produce for me.

Yeah that’s what I was saying when you said you hadn’t flipped yet. But she’s definitely going to produce.

I need a little more practice with scrog to get a more even canopy but that will come with expierance I hope. But I cant complain with yield results. But I’m learning!

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That’s why I switch when the screen is around 50-60% full and let the stretch fill out the rest. This was gold leaf. Flipped to 12/12 in the first pic. End of stretch by the second pic. The even canopy later on


I’m learning… that’s beautiful BTW!

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Those are some seriously fat buds there!