New Journal 2nd grow...Here we go!

Looking healthy. They will bounce right up

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Not rambling I appreciate all the info, the more the better I’m still new to this. They are looking better today, just one plant the leafs are canoeing a little bit.


These autos are super finicky, I dont know how I feel about them yet it is my 1st time so ill give it some time. Do the plants usually droop after the dark time like soon as the lights come on from being in the dark??

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Yea. Ive had autos and photos drooping just before lights off and on. Its like they grow accustomed to the schedule. Heck pretty sure they do


I cant seem to get them to stand at attention. I watered the one day and it was a little to much so I waited until the nxt morning and until they where completely dry to water just a little and they are still droopy. Im not sure what im doing wrong. Is there anything else that would make them droopy beside over watering or under watering them?

Root zone issues is typically what causes it in my experience. Over/under watering is kinda a root issue, but as too what else it could be?

Possible bad transplant shock? Transplantd recently?

Bad meter/pH? When was the last calibration? Speaking of what kinda meter?

Finicky phenos? Who and what seeds?

Im just spitballing ideas here


WWA seeds from ILGM

They did great when I transplanted.

I do have a cheap ph meter I need a new one.

I let them dry out then watered so I wasn’t over watering them and they were still droopy, so I thought maybe I didn’t water enough so I waited awhile an water them a little bit more and still no luck. Maybe it is my ph meter. I’m trying process of elimination kinda but iunno what else to try really

Just had a ADOI! Moment… what kind of and how close are the lights? Maybe a tad too intense. And have u made any… slight distance adjustments?

I literally just raised it and I have the light at 70%.
I just water them 2hrs ago and this is what they look like still.

I haven’t fed them anything cause I’m using a water only soil and they all look healthy its just the droopy thing going on

Ok. Jumping back, the droop came after transplant. They had to have suffered a bit during the transplant. Give them time to redevelop roots that may have ripped… Kinda chasing ur tail at the moment.

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Yeah that what I feel like I’m doing, I transplanted with makes an azos and they were doing good for a week or 3 then the droop came. But I do feel like I’m chasing my tail lol good way to put it. So should I just water accordingly? Or hit them with some recharge. I have some craft blend also. Or should I just let them be for now.

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Recharge mykos and azos are the good stuff my guy. Yeah let em dry out a good bit, then hit em with the microbe brew. Make sure its nice and frothy.

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Ok sounds like a plan, should I ph it after its done or before I add the ingredients?

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If just mykos? Id use distilled (makes u certain its not set high nor low).

Mix the fack out of it. Like stir/shake/brew whatever you do til its like coke bubbles.

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Yeah I have the tea bubbler so it will be ripping. I think I’m just going to go with some recharge and see what happens. I honestly don’t know what else to do.