New Issue (maybe) First Grow


This is my first grow. Things have gone pretty good so far. I had one seedling stall for a couple of weeks but it has caught up. I did see some issues that may have been a deficiency that are largely cleared up. I now see something that may or may not be an issue. A bud or two have had their hairs turn to some degree red. They have been flowering for about 3 weeks or so. They germinated on July 8th. Is this an issue? The details and pics are below.

Strain: WWA
Method: hydro - autopot (first time using this particular method)
medium: coco
Nutrients: General Hydroponics Flora
TDS: 900-1000
PH: 6
Temp: 74-79
RH: 60-70%
Light: HLG 300L V2 RSpec
Tent: 3x3 Secret Jardin Dark Room
Ventilation: AC Infinity 4"
Planted on 7/8 (germinated in 2 days!)
Flowering for roughly 2 weeks. They are roughly 3 ft tall

The below picture is from a couple of days ago for comparason.

Any thoughts are most appreciated.



Not a problem. Their purpose is to catch pollen. They might wilt for several reasons. They will also be replaced with new ones as the buds build up. Think of it this way, every one of those little hairs is attached to a little flower that makes up the buds we eventually harvest.


Thanks @oldmarine . I suspected as much. Being a new first time parent to 4 cannabis plant can be challenging. I really appreciate the guidance.


Are you planning on dropping your humidity now that you are in flower?

Thanks @Jakecan . I would desperately like to get it low and keep it there. Typically it currently is around 60% until I open the tent up. The grow is in my garage which is not technically climate controlled, it has insulated doors and it stays in the low 70s. I am not sure how feasible it is to effectively lower the humidity in the garage (2 car). The tent is a 3X3 with no room for a dehumidifier. I kicked around getting something like Eva-Dry Wireless Mini Dehumidifier which works with desiccants and not power. Any insights you have into this problem would be most appreciated. I did add a second fan so now I have one under the canopy and one above the canopy.

This works for me, when humidity is to high added an extra fan, normally the more air flow u have will lower humidity I have a small tent, use the duct in very top for my exhaust fan have 2 ducts near top on sides, I open both of the 1/2 or more humidity drops within a few minutes, also I don’t have to worry about smell yet, that might be a problem for u

Dehumidifier inside of the tent will have very little impact given you have a constant flow of fresh are flowing through courtesy of your AC Infinity inline fan…

You would need to drop the RH in your “lung room” in your case, the garage. Depending how much control you have in that space, a fair side dehumidifier would be the best bet.

My grow area is in an unfinished “utility” side of my basement and I run a standard room dehumidifier to help keep things in check when needed.

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@Nicky is an auto pot guru. Recommend reading threads by them. Very helpful cat.

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Thanks all. I keep hoping the weather in Virginia is going to break for the cooler. 40% is a long way from 60%. How detrimental is humidity of 60% while in the latter stages of flowering? Am I pretty much certain to get rot or just slightly elevated chance? I am looking at dehumidifiers now for the garage.


You can run 60% humidity in a grow tent Durring flower if your air flow is really good between fans on the plants and exhaust fan gojng all the time.

Genetics helps some strains have terrible resistance to mold and others are crazy, like so crazy they can grow right beside a plant that’s fully moldy and not get bud rot.

Use the search for
autopot guide

I use a dehumidifier but as other noted good airflow helps in a tent. Also I find defoliation can drop humidity by like 5-10% depending on tent size.

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Hey @not_sure. I’m in VA too. Not sure where you are exactly but the humidity has been crazy high here. I think you’ll be ok. Humidity should drop in the next few weeks and I think your buds are too small to have a mold problem right now. I’m on my first grow too, so don’t exactly trust me, but I think the mold or rot comes when the buds grow fat. I have a 4x2 with (3) 5 gallon fabric pots. One is a Critical Mass CBD which is very thick and haven’t had any issues. My RH goes up and down depending on watering, and I have 3 fans plus an exhaust going. The day I water the RH gets up to 60%. Just open up the tent during the day and put an oscillating fan outside the opening. That should help. Love seeing more VA people in here.

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