New Indoor, Sherbalato, Super Silver Haze and GG#4 auto Coco

Put humidifier on outside air intake, put exhaust on about 35% and rh is at 50% with humidifier on lowest setting!! Thank you so much!

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Have two t transplants done, working on the third pot, big 7 gallon so coco is on 4th gallon of lowered nute feed to get it to 400 ppm run off. Bracely default 2 has also been distracting me lol. Both transplants were Sherbalatos, I guess I’m more excited for the Sherbalato than the SSH lol.

Girls are chugging along pretty good, when would you guys suggest flipping to 12/12?

Or I suppose topping the three bigger ones should be soon?

Gave my hand a shot at mainlining one and topping the other two

This would be my first time main lining a plant, Reading tutorials I dont really see the answer to the question i have, when would you guys adjust your ties to the branches? do you just add more? And do I need to utilize SuperCropping to make my new ‘colas’. @Covertgrower @Slym3r @MidwestGuy

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This is the main line girl

And the other girls

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Have some girls in solo cups having some defiences. I’m guessing it’s either water sitting in the second cup ‘drowning’ the roots, ppm too low in 2nd? Week of veg (500 ppm), or some sort of lock or excess. This one had some algae today that cleared up with a 65 degree feed or simply just root bound.

This one has come out of the tent in fear of leaf septoria (had algae in rootzone)

Yes they are WAY past transplant time, I have 5 5gallon fabric vivosun pots showing up Monday to help out.

Temps 75 day 66 night
Rh 50 across the board maybe 60 at night
Feed currently FF Grow big Hydro 7 Mls/g and just cut out Kangaroots as my bottle is past its 2 year mark next week (nute solutions started having weird floating after 24 hours)
Was feeding 1x every 2-3 days now once a day (twice for bigger pots) runoff was reading about 450 for most of them and 500 for one (feeding 550 starting today)

I may also question my ph meter, as I feed at ph 5.85, but today I ph’d some red bull (only thing handy) and instead of 3.3 it read 3.8, will that make my 5.8 readings actually 5.3? Thinking of feeding 6.3 on my ph meter until my pre made 6.86,4.00,9.18 solution gets here Wednesday

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I’m upgrading my ph pen rather than the solutions, would you guys suggest a Apera ph60 or a Blue labs PENPH, leaving towards Apera with that replaceable probe

Think I’m going with the Apera, should of messaged here earlier, have 30 minutes to decide so Amazon brings it tomorrow

Neeeeevermind, the apera ph60 would not arrive tomorrow, the ph20 would be not the 60, so believe I’m going with blue labs unless in the next 5 hours someone says they’re junk lol or that the ph60 would be worth the wait till this Friday (I’m VERY impatient with online orders lmfao)

I’mma just bite the bullet and wait for the ph60 on Friday, have a unopened Dr meter ph-100 I can use til then, my pre-made calibration solutions get here tomorrow morning and I’ll just sell on Facebook as a combo ~°~

Well wife’s gonna kill me lol instead got the ph20 from apera with a maintenance kit, AND I grabbed some canna a and b.

What would be the best way to switch to that on Friday from Fox Farm Grow big Hydro, and will I still be able to use open sesame and chaching at the end of flower?

Cleared up most solo cup problems with flashing, and a fox Farm Big bloom (150ppm) recharge mix, restarting them all back at 350 ppm total and trying feed lighter and more frequent

Someone is starting to smell pretty skunks, passed through my closed room 2 hours after dark time started and jeered. Getting the carbon filter hooked up soon will be a must!

Planning on flipping lights March 28th, after they show pre sex here hopefully soon I’ll be transplanting the best looking 4 to finish in these 5 gallon pots to finish, have a Cocotek brick coming in tomorrow to finish the other 2 pots!

Ph looks spot on now, loving this Apera ph20! Canna coco B shows up today and I’ll be switching fully to A+B at 300 ppm

Girls looking pretty good this morning (besides the girl in back iforgot to water lol) the one in big pot with holes all over had a fan leaf randomly turn 90 degrees during night though? Guessing had a small light leak maybe?

Got Canna A + B finally today, will be switching over to that today starting at 380 ppm, ph comes to a perfect 6.0 adding 10 ppm of tap to my RO water so VERY happy about that.

Will be deciding this week which 5 will be transplanted to 5 gallon fabric pots and finishing this Grow with, 3 of them being the ones already transplanted lol

Fun fact! The girl in the Freddy’s cup had too much root growth from here letting water sit, so I switched her around to somewhat a DWC set up!

Any input on adding FF Bigbloom to Canna A and B? Just being a cheapo trying not to pay for cannazym xD would a light feeding of open sesame be able to replace their pk 13-14?

That should work, NPK ratios add together.

Awesome, picked up some pk13/14 and cannaboost, so finding something to replace the enzyme for the time being is ideal so the wife isn’t hating, will also assist in a little iron that canna is lacking from what I saw,. currently running 1.2 ml/g calimagic, 5ml/g of canna a and b, and I’m guessing 5 ml/g of big bloom now! Ppm without big bloom is 365 but guessing it’ll be around 380-400 after. Believe I’m seeing two of the bigger pots with some female pre flowers though, will confirm once we see some whiskers!