New Indoor, Sherbalato, Super Silver Haze and GG#4 auto Coco

Ready to go bigger this time around, have 11 cups lined up currently, 2 GG#4 autos, 3 SSH, 3 Sherbalato and 3 mystery seeds. Running 80/20 coco perlite, coco is buffered and set to 100 ec. Seeds were put into a cup of water and all but 2 currently in their homes awaiting full Germ


Looking forward to watching you grow!

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Me too. You going to have room to manage all of those plants?


Oh not at all lol I plan on keeping hopefully the strongest 4, the SSH are reg seeds and the Sherbalato are unknown to me whether their fem or reg. After being dead set I had a female last grow I’m getting my first harvest this time! Have a 4x4x8 and a binky 2x2x4 if it gets to tight. Plan on hand watering till larger pots then switch to auto drip feed. First time trying that though so maybe only with half of them :thinking:

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1 of the mystery and 2 of the Sherbalato have poked through the coco! Smooth as silk so far

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Some casualties this morning! Son drove into tent with his battery car, by the time I got up and was told the GG were done asking with 2 SSH, have 4 sprouts currently broke free of coco with 2 almost there, 1 mystery, 1 SSH and 4 Sherbalato with 5 more sherbs dropped into distilled!

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Ssh has been a fun one to grow for my first grow! Good luck man!

I just threw one out this week on day 68, 5 days into flower what looked like cylax’s for 3 weeks started growing balls on one of my clones then the next day on my ‘mother’ plant lol definitely appreciate the high temps that it can/liked to take!

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Mystery seed



forgot to label this one lol so mystery seed

Sherbalato, really botched the depth on these two sows lol

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Little army slowly forming (have 3 more sherbs and 3 SSH germing in cabinet, mainly thinking of breeding those?) 4 up top are the Sherbalato’s, SSH to the left and the mystery seeds are the two on the bottom! Running 24/0 currently, light air 30 inches up running 80% to help with heat.

The SSH are about to b break surface, one of the cups contains coco from my last grow, flushed and light buffered, but full of dead roots and microbes from recharge. We’ll see how that goes! Fed a very light (maybe 3-5 mls a cup) of 75 ppm FF kangaroots to get some myccorhizae rolling.

Just did a 30 ml feeding of the kangaroots with 1/2 teaspoon/g of recharge, ph came to 6.4 of the solution ppm 88. Won’t be feeding tomorrow too promote roots, so I’ll see you all on Sunday!

Gonna give a couple of the ladies a light feeding a little early, 3-4 of them have roots peaking out the bottom already!

Girls are chugging away, moved them to a 20/4 light schedule, feeding once a day with 260 ppm water

Temps are about 75 and 65 rh during day and 70 and 60rh at night

Pulled a couple under thriving girls today, have second nodes coming in today!

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Couple of them shaping up pretty well! Ready for transplant any day

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So this is crazy, this clone is from my last plant (male) but has been sitting in a 30 degree house inside a clone propagator but almost triple in size, has some fat roots too. Craziest part is I haven’t tended to it in almost 2 months now since cutting it!!

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Have two girls I’m transplanting today, would be transplanting 4 but due to Kansas Unemployment issues I’m a little short on funds until Tax Return gets here or job I applied for calls.

Believe I have a 3 gallon pot and a 1.5 gallon pot ready to go for after dark time here in 3 hours. Pre Moistening and light feeding afterwards with 375 ppm 5.9 ph with 11 ppm hot tap water, then 7.5 ml/g of FF Big bloom, 5 ml/g FF Grow Big Hydro and 5 ml/g FF Kangaroots for that extra Mycorrhizae rush.

Still have just a general understanding of all this, if anyone has any tips feel free to throw them in ^^

Try to play pretty gentle with the Recharge, usually using once every two weeks, but if anyone has experience with using it more often lemme know!

Both pots of coco have been flushed with 700 ppm calmag water to reinforce its buffer, then reflushed with nutrient feed to 400 ppm runoff. One pot is using coco from my previous grow, picked off large rootmass, used recharge and let sit for 2 weeks to convert smaller roots to sugars…? using about a 80/20 coco to perlite mix.

I have both bloom city Calmag and Calimagic, since my Grow Big Hydro has both cal/mag in it, would it be a better option to use the Bloom City Calmag instead of Calimagic? Bloom City has Fulvic acids and other micro nutes added to it with a slightly weaker Cal/mag ratio, with a 2 on its N rather than Calimagics 1.

Tents environment is ranging-

Light- Temp- 73-78 sometimes 80.5 highest ive seen.
RH - 55-60, 30 on the days i forget to fill humidifier
Light/dark- 20/4

Dark Temp 68-72
Rh 50, 30 when humidifier isn’t running before lights off.

Feeds- Cut down to only Grow Big Hydro one day, GBH Kangaroots the next, started at 250 ppm, working with 400 ppm now. 5.8-5.95ph 3 feeds then one at 6.2.

Currently not running my exhaust fan, it kills my RH far too much and cannot stand filling humidifier 3 times a day running on high lol. I do keep one of the top exhaust ports open, with my tent opening open 20% of the way and a larger oscilating fan blasting on the light, slight breeze gets down to the girls doing this. Any potential downside from not running exhaust? Been thinking about hooking it up to fan controller on lowest setting, and a timer, but the only timer i have currently only goes in 30 minute intervals.


Take the dehumidifier out of the tent, and put it in the same room as the the tent, or where the air is drawn from.

I just have a humidifier at the moment, area I’m in is pretty dry, or will having the humidifier beside room intake help keep it more in the tent rather than it being inside?