New indoor grower- Tracking Post

Hello all,

This post is to track my progress on my first ever grow of marijuana. Due to the cost of startup I decided to go with Aero-garden, which surprisingly you can buy on food stamps in my state. It has served us well for food and herbs, but since the other marijane is the best herb I decided to start growing that.

I started off with placing my seeds on a plate with a paper towel and water to start them. It took 2 and half days for them to sprout which is pretty amazing. After that I transferred them to my ‘free’ Aerogarden after setting it up using the site.

I am currently growing Banana Kush autoflower and Gold-Leaf feminized at the same time in the same aerogarden.

The plan is to Top and Prune the plants to keep them a manageable size for the 24" limit. However, I am open to suggestion on cheap things to buy to ensure that this growth and future grows will be lucrative.

I have 8 seeds of the banana kush and 8 seeds of the gold-leaf feminized left, so I popped those in the fridge to be stored until I either get another Aero-garden, or these have to transplanted (hoping not.)

The Banana kush grew more rapidly and I had to cover the exposed roots. The other one has some exposed roots, but nothing like the other one. They look like they are already about to crack out from their shell, and I am excited for these plants to grow strong.

Thats a good idea an all but I don’t think your lighting will be adequate if thats your only means of light and the roots can become tangled quite easily if they are all going into the same pot per say


Thanks for the fast reply. I have heard of success stories for Aerogarden grows. If light and root system does end up becoming an issue I am sure we can address that later on. As far as lighting goes, I do have a working sodium-halide grow light that I haven’t set up yet for anything because I have been unsure how to utilize it properly. Here is a picture of it:

My initial worry of setting this up for marijuana is the spectrum of light which might be inadequate?

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You can be successful growing in aerogarden. There are some specific things you’ll want to do, and your final yield won’t be huge. But can definitely be done.

For one, I wouldn’t do more than plant from seed per unit. Your res will be pretty full of roots just from 1 plant. I would also get the expansion res that aerogarden sells. Keeping your solution ph and ppm stable will be difficult in res this small.

Once roots are established into solution I would run air stones converting this to straight dwc and turn off the circulation pump too. It will eventually suck roots in and clog pump.

You can add a little bit of lighting, but I would avoid using big hid light with res this small. It will introduce all kinds of issues you’re probably not prepared for. If you want to run big light, just look up diy dwc containers and ditch the ag all together.

I just started my first plant about 10 - 12 days ago doing a basic soil grow. My wife uses an Aero Garden to grow lettuce and was just about to start over with new plants. She wanted to steal one of my seeds and see what would happen LOL and then I stumbled across this post. How is it going so far?

I’m in my first grow and had three seeds fail to germinate with established routines. So I decided to give my aerogarden a try and these pictures show my progress. Aerogarden to peat pots to grow bags in my very small tent…

Good luck to you with your grow!